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1. AIST (R&D organization in Japan) 1/23
The organization has co-developed a new fine-line circuit technology using a hybrid material of monolayer carbon nanotube and copper. It makes current capacity 100x larger compared to metal copper circuits.

2. Taiyo Yuden (Major component supplier in Japan) 1/23
The supplier has developed a new cavity generation process for embedded component multilayer circuit boards called “EOMIN.”

3. Nippon Electric Glass (Major glass material supplier in Japan) 1/24
The supplier has created a new subsidiary in China to manufacture glass substrates used in thin display panels.

4. NEDO (R&D organization in Japan) 1/27
The organization has co-developed a new thin-film transistor circuit generated via an organic material printing process.

5. Seiko Instruments (Major device manufacturer in Japan) 1/30
The manufacturer has commercialized a coin-type lithium secondary battery, “MS920T,” available at high operating temperatures (85 degrees C).

6. Kaneka (Major material supplier in Japan) 1/31
The supplier has acquired a technical license for organic EL devices from Universal Display in the U.S.

7. MURATA (Major component supplier in Japan) 2/3
The supplier has developed a new 3D anisotropic magneto resistance (AMR) sensor.

8. Taiyo Yuden (Major component supplier in Japan) 2/4
The supplier has introduced a new multilayer ceramic capacitor with a metal frame for tablet PCs and notebook PCs. It significantly reduces voice vibration phenomena.

9. Panasonic (Major electronics company in Japan) 2/4
The company has decided to spin off its semiconductor business and sell its packaging subsidiaries in Singapore and Malaysia to UTAC Manufacturing Service in Hong Kong.

10. Hitachi (Major electric and electronics company in Japan) 2/4
The company has announced creation of a new company, “Healthcare Group,” that organizes medical and healthcare divisions.

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