CES 2015: Preview and Predictions

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  • As noted above, resolutions beyond 4K. This one I feel will, in fact, become mainstream and do so quickly.
  • 3D printers are no doubt making great strides and I expect to see cheaper and more capable printers this year. Except for a few very specialized uses I don't see everyone having or even wanting one, perhaps ever.
  • More powerful, faster, and, in general, really cool PC components such as processors, new DDR4 memory, amazing motherboards and graphics cards, and even keyboards. The PC is seeing a resurgence as many have realized the extreme limitations of tablets and Net-Chrome devices. Don’t get me wrong, these products will survive and grow, but most people already own one variation and don't want or need a second device. I predict that the PC resurgence will gain momentum in 2015 driven by the many new advanced components that will be shown at CES.
  • The elephant in the room will be Windows 10. It will not be shown at CES as Microsoft has taken a page out of Apple's book and will unveil the first beta version later in the month at a special event. Either way, Windows 10, which has gotten excellent reviews from the pre beta testing group (including myself), will be a major topic of conversation.
  • Automotive electronics is a topic that has gained prominence. I expect to see amazing advances in automotive electronics this year and not just new cutesy Bluetooth devices, but true twenty-first century science fiction technology.
  • Drones have been featured at CES for years, but they are no longer toys. I predict drones will be in more households than you might imagine and for reasons both fun and, perhaps, alarming.
  • Cable and satellite TV providers should be concerned about streaming media. I feel many of us will be cutting the cord over the next five years and we'll see advanced reasons why we can do so this year at CES.
  • Virtual reality is something I truly believe will become mainstream. Yes, Oculus Rift will be soon be showing a new headset, but I expect the true acknowledged leader in this field 10 years from now will be a company none of us have heard of yet.
  • Stay tuned as I will be providing many pictures and comments on what I see daily at CES 2015.


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