California Congressman Mike Honda Discusses American Manufacturing

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Hunter-Honda4.jpg“Congressman Mike Honda’s recent visit to IPC-member Hunter Technology Corp. in California was one of these scheduled visits and part of a nationwide effort to educate policymakers on legislative and regulatory issues that affect the electronics manufacturing industry.”

More information about IPC’s government relations efforts can be found here.

Joe O’Neil, President, Hunter Technology:

“I’ve worked with Congressman Honda and his staff, both in his district office and in Washington D.C., for nearly 10 years now. I sincerely appreciate his support of business in the Silicon Valley, most recently through his backing of the Revitalize American Manufacturing Innovation (RAMI) Act[2].

Hunter-Honda5.jpg“The greatest impact that I observed during Congressman Honda’s visit to Hunter was with our employees. Congressman Honda took time with a number of employees throughout the factory to learn who they are, what they do for Hunter and how they go about their jobs. This was an outstanding opportunity for citizens to connect with their elected representatives within their daily environment. This interaction helped demonstrate that representatives are indeed normal people, people who are working to make everyone’s lives better. I believe events like this help to create ties to the political process which can at times be viewed as out of reach to the average citizen.

Competing on a global scale within the United States has its challenges and having those challenges understood by our Representatives is critical. As we continue to expand by hiring new employees and developing those which are already on our team, it is important that the impact of tax changes, insurance costs, research and development tax credits as well as hundreds of other decisions being made in Washington that directly effect on those hiring decisions is fully recognized.

The Interview

Barry Matties: I've been in publishing in this industry for 30 years. I started here in the Bay Area with my Mac Plus, with no hard drive, and began a desktop publishing company.

Congressman Mike Honda: I remember those days. But you saw the future!



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