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AIM to Highlight New, High Strength/High Reliability Solder Alloys at APEX

AIM will highlight their revolutionary REL61™ and REL22™ lead-free solder alloys, along with their full line of solder assembly materials. AIM REL61 was developed to provide PCB assemblers and designers with an enhanced reliability, cost-effective replacement for SAC305 and other low/no silver alloys. REL61 outperforms all lead-free alloys in durability, wetting performance, thermal cycling performance and BTC void performance. Available in paste, wire and bar solder, REL61 can be incorporated into all phases of PCB assembly. For the most extreme operating environments, be sure to learn about REL22. AIM’s innovative REL alloys are engineered for reliability, usability, and cost effectiveness.

To learn more, visit us at IPC APEX in Booth 1211.

Koh Young Introduces the Next-Generation Process Optimizer at IPC APEX Expo

Enabled by its Intelligent Platform, the Koh Young Ksmart Process Optimizer(KPO) provides advanced, closed-loop solutions. Combining real-time process monitoring with print parameters, KPO actively optimizes the process to boost yield and enable smart factories. KPO currently offers four modules. Print Advisor Module (PAM) automatically generates ideal print parameters. Printer Diagnostic Module (PDM) uses real-time anomaly-detection algorithms to actively monitor the process and alert operators. Printer Optimizer Module (POM) uses adaptive learning to apply real-time models and optimize process parameters. PCM (Printer Closed-loop Module) integrates printer performance to actively apply adjustments. KPO increases SPI efficiency, while improving the print process.

For more information, visit Kohyoung.com, follow us on LinkedIn, or see us at IPC APEX Booth 2733.

With over 3,000 installations, you have our experience working on your side.

From simple benchtop dry cabinets to fully automated warehouses (and everything in between), Super Dry Totech® has your exact humidity control solution. For example, fully insulated XSDR ‘Floor Life Reset’ Cabinets bring an unprecedented level of process control to component drying. Using digital sensor technology and innovative software, the XSDR Cabinets can independently track the timing of 20 separate batches of components. Two separate chambers, each with their own dry-unit and heater enable two different temperatures to be applied in the same cabinet, while dehumidifying to less than 1% RH. With over 3,000 installations, you have our experience working on your side.

To learn more, visit Super Dry® at IPC APEX 2018 in Booth 1212.

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