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Only from the Folks at EPTAC…

Gain the skills you need with this “hands-on” program, EPTAC’s most popular, covering everything from the basics of wires and terminals on through to surface mount assembly and rework.

With 75% of your classroom time spent on experiential learning, you can apply new skills and techniques firsthand under the supervision of some of the best instructors in the industry. Visit EPTAC in Booth 1012.

NCAB Group Can Help You Create Your Key Component: PCBs

NCAB Group is a leading global producer of printed circuit boards. We create optimum conditions through extensive purchasing power and expertise in PCB production. We have complete process ownership via a presence both at the customer’s site and providing design support, and in the PCB production factories. We do not own factories, but we “own” what is most important: the relationship between the customer and the factory. As a result, we are not reliant on technologies and investment. That’s why we can offer PCBs on time with zero defects and at the lowest total cost.

For more information, please visit www.ncabgroup.com or stop by Booth 533.

KYZEN: Featuring a LIVE Cleaning “Myth Busters” Panel

Have you ever wanted to ask the hard questions regarding cleaning and reliability for your manufacturing process? There are many ‘myths’ today about what works and what does not.

Now, SMTA International attendees will get the details as to why and what affects their unique situation. Attend the Expert Cleaning “MYTH BUSTERS” panel, in KYZEN Booth 623. Panels held on Tues., Oct. 16, at 10:00AM and 1:30PM, and Wednesday, Oct. 17, at 10:00AM.

For more information about Kyzen, visit KYZEN.com or stop by Booth 623.

PalPilot: Your Hero in PCB

With 25+ years of experience, PalPilot has proven itself to be a valuable asset in the core industries of engineering and manufacturing printed circuit boards, connectors and cable assemblies, magnetic components, mechanical engineering services, system packaging services, and additional custom solutions.

Reach out to us today at contact@palpilot.com to see how our expert engineers can help meet your individual needs, or visit us in Booth 832 at the show or online at www.palpilot.com.

Micro eBooks: An Educational Series from I-Connect007

I-007eBooks is a gold standard for the industry, educating readers on the best ways to lower costs, improve processes and become more competitive. Titles from 2018 include low-temperature soldering, thermal management, fundamentals of RF/microwave and producing the perfect data package, with more exciting titles to come! Download a free book today, and come see us at SMTAI (Booth #206) to learn more.

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