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PCB Laser Depaneling Systems from LPKF

LPKF’s PCB depaneling systems produce a better product at a lower cost. Advantages of laser PCB depaneling machines include:

No stress - Mechanical methods are hard on the solder joints of a PCB.
No burrs - A laser-cut board’s edge is smooth and clean; there is no need for further downstream processing.
No particles - Lasers don’t create the dust particles generated by traditional mechanical cutting methods such as dicing saws and routers. Therefore, any downstream cleaning can be eliminated entirely from the production line.

Click for an appointment with LPKF at Booth 1651 or get a custom ROI for your application.

Experience the Blackfox Difference!

Blackfox is the worldwide, premier IPC certification center, offering ALL six (6) IPC certifications. All courses are available for instructors (certified IPC trainers) and operators (certified IPC specialists): IPC-A-610, IPC-A-600, IPC-6012, IPC 7711/7721, IPC J-STD-001 with space and IPC/WHMA-A-620 with space. Blackfox is also an IPC distributor and IPC-approved proctor site for certified electronics program manager (CEPM) courses. Training provided in English, Spanish and Mandarin. Locations include: Longmont, Colo.; Phoenix, Ariz.; Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico; Penang, Malaysia; and Singapore.

Visit Blackfox at IPC APEX in Booth 2807 and on the web at Blackfox.com.

ASM’s E-by-SIPLACE and E-by-DEK Leads the Way in High-Mix/Mid-Volume Market

The mid-volume market has welcomed the addition of the E-by-SIPLACE and E-by-DEK platforms as a means of providing them with a more productive and efficient operation. With many of the technological advantages featured in the high-volume equipment produced by ASM, the E-by-DEK and the E-by-SIPLACE equipment, along with powerful offline programming with SIPLACE PRO, SMT producers are now given a means to effectively address their high-mix/mid-volume demands.

Visit Technica’s SMT booth, #3011, for a complete demonstration. Visit them online at Technica.com.

Koh Young Highlighting AI-Powered Inspection Capabilities in Booth 1908

As ‘Your Partner for Smart Factory Realization,’ Koh Young is showing how AI-based solutions and machine learning offer more consistent inspection results. As part of Industry 4.0, Koh Young has been unlocking the potential of AI to improve throughput and production quality in several ways. The company will display an array of innovations at this year’s event. As the absolute leader in the inspection market, Koh Young will also participate in show activities like roundtables and debates focused on the smart factory inspection process.

You can learn more about Koh Young and its best-in-class inspection solutions at Booth 1908 or or visit them online at Kohyoung.com.

Talk Solutions with Electrolube

Global electrochemical manufacturer Electrolube will have a strong presence at IPC APEX, including global technical director, coatings division, Phil Kinner, who will be lending his 20 plus years’ experience of the conformal coatings industry to answer any of your questions, problems and help you find your solution. Electrolube will also have some exciting UV cure conformal coatings, offering a full cure in under 24 hours (up to 10x faster than other UV cure technology) as well as superior all-round performance.

Join us at IPC APEX Booth 2201, to find out more. Let’s Talk Solutions!

A Place Where Ideas are Transformed into Solutions

Lab One is Comet Group’s research, development, and pilot production facility located in San Jose, California’s Silicon Valley. Lab One was created to enable customers to explore better ways of accomplishing goals, solving problems, and creating new solutions using Comet’s latest plasma control, x-ray, and ebeam technologies. This high-tech facility and its knowledgeable staff will focus on experimentation, testing and development, in order to help customers innovate, implement and accelerate solutions.

Lab One provides access to a variety of testing and inspection services as well as opportunities to collaborate with Comet’s technology experts, who are available for brainstorming, consultation, and problem solving. To learn more, visit them at the Yxlon Booth 1723.

KYZEN: Delivering Stability, Reliability and Repeatable Cleaning Results!

KYZEN’s newest AQUANOX Cleaning Solution is the result of thousands of hours of laboratory tests and “live” beta site testing scientifically validating its outstanding rinsability, extended tank life and consistently reliable, long-term performance advantages. This stable chemistry is excellent on a wide variety of components, coatings, labels and equipment.

Learn more about how the newest member of the AQUANOX family can improve your cleaning process. Stop by Booth 3349 at the show or set up an appointment with our cleaning experts ahead of time at KYZENsneakpeek.com.

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