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Koh Young Showing AI-Powered Smart Factory Solutions in Booth #609

Koh Young has developed several features within KSMART that help users analyze and optimize the production process by managing process data from connected SPI and AOI systems. As the leading smart factory solutions provider, Koh Young continues to lead the smart factory revolution. With these solutions in place, Koh Young is the partner of choice for manufacturers wanting to optimize the electronics assembly process for higher yields, production excellence, and maximum profitability.

Learn more about our industry-leading true 3D inspection solutions in Booth #609 or at Kohyoung.com.

Only from the Folks at EPTAC…

Gain the skills you need with this “hands-on” program, EPTAC’s most popular, covering everything from the basics of wires and terminals on through to surface mount assembly and rework.

With 75% of your classroom time spent on experiential learning, you can apply new skills and techniques firsthand under the supervision of some of the best instructors in the industry. Visit EPTAC in Booth #715.

KYZEN: Delivering Stable, Reliable, and Repeatable Cleaning Results!

KYZEN’s newest AQUANOX Cleaning Solution is the result of thousands of hours of laboratory tests and “live” beta site testing scientifically validating its outstanding rinsability, extended tank life, and consistently reliable, long-term performance advantages. This stable chemistry is excellent on a wide variety of components, coatings, labels, and equipment.

Learn more about how the newest member of the AQUANOX family can improve your cleaning process. Stop by Booth #207 at the show or set up an appointment with our cleaning experts ahead of time at KYZEN.com/SMTAI.

Visit Creative Electron at SMTA International, Booth #616

Sometimes the perfect X-ray machine is one of our off-the-shelf units, like the TruView™ Prime or TruView™ Fusion. However, when a specific application requires a custom solution, we at Creative Electron take pride in building custom X-ray machines within budget by customizing one of our platforms to fit individual needs.

Simply put, we love a challenge and will work to retrofit one of our quality X-ray machines to exactly match the form and function needed by your company. Let us find (or design) the right machine for you! It is not only our business but also our passion. Visit us online at creativeelectron.com and stop by Booth #616 to learn more.

I-007eBooks: An Educational Series from I-Connect007

I-007eBooks is a gold standard for the industry, educating readers on the best ways to lower costs, improve processes and become more competitive. Topics from 2019 include documentation, complex PCBs, and producing the perfect data package with more exciting titles to come! Download a free book today, and come see us at SMTAI in Booth #801 to learn more.

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