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Discover Ventec's Laminate and Prepreg Solutions for 5G and HF Radar Applications in Booth 4434

tec-speed 30.0: Ceramic filled high-speed/high-frequency PTFE material; highest signal integrity (Dk 3.0, Df 0.0009) for advanced high-frequency systems (77~79GHz)

tec-speed 20.0: Ceramic-filled hydrocarbon thermoset materials; high-frequency performance (Dk 3.00-3.48/Df 0.002-0.0037), superior loss, and highest reliability

tec-speed 7.0/7.1: High-speed, ultra-low-loss multilayer materials; excellent signal integrity for extremely high-speed applications; low Dk for highly efficient power transmission and low Df for min. signal loss up to high-bit rates

tec-speed 6.0: High-speed, high-frequency material; great signal integrity, low Dk, and high reliability; high CAF resistance for the highest reliability in humid environments

Taiyo: Unmatched Innovation

Celebrating 30 years, Taiyo America Inc. continues to thrust itself into the latest technologies and trends and continues to use its extensive worldwide R&D resources to further offerings and capabilities that include the latest in inkjet technology for solder mask and legend ink. The Carson City, Nevada, facility offers specialty dielectric inks and via filling inks for use with microvia and build-up technologies, thermal cure and UV cure solder masks, as well as inkjet, packaging, legend inks, and dielectric and conductive ink products for the printed electronics, lighting, and display markets. New offerings include thermal management products and lens spacers. Molding interconnect devices (MID) product R&D work is also being carried out to push forward into new niches.

For more information, visit taiyo-america.com, follow us on LinkedIn, and see us at IPC APEX EXPO in Booth 3951.

BURKLE and SCHMOLL Offer a Full Solution for PCB Fabrication

Partnered with Burkle North America’s lamination systems, Schmoll provides precision and productive PCB fabrication solutions from digital printing to mechanical drills to high-speed lasers.

An array of Schmoll products on display in Burkle’s booth include the advanced digital imaging product utilizing micro-mirror technology, and with Schmoll’s variable wavelength system, primary and solder mask imaging utilize the same platform with precise L/S imaging accuracy to less than 10μ. In addition to our digital imaging and advanced mechanical and laser-based drilling systems, Schmoll provides precision post-etch punch equipment and the IMPEX high-speed measuring and metrology system.

Visit Burkle in Booth 3827 or online at BurkleAmerica.com.

Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science Is a Leading Provider of X-Fay Fluorescence (XRF) for PCB Surface Finish Thickness According to IPC Specifications

IPC specifications for printed board surface finishes set the standard for quality and reliability in PCB manufacturing. Adhering to these specifications increases performance, but it involves accurate measurement of finish thickness. Hitachi offers fast and industry-proven, non-destructive analysis for high-reliability electronics. Our XRF instruments are used within the PCB industry to precisely control plating processes down to the nanometer scale.

Our expert team knows all about compliance with IPC using XRF. We're happy to talk to you about your quality program and how XRF can help at Booth 1027 or contact us at contact@hitachi-hightech.com.

CBT (Chime Ball Technology) Releases the Flexible TITAN Series Direct Imaging Equipment

Advancing the direct imaging technology acquired from MLI at the end of 2015, the New TITAN Series addresses inner layer, outer layer, and solder mask imaging requirements (a 3-in-1 system) with higher throughput.

The TITAN Series continues to provide the best-in-class patented front-to-back registration method, a user-friendly interface, our latest in-house developed LED print engine, and an offering of semi- and fully automated material handling options. Available in 2-14 LED print engines, the TITAN Series will easily address a wide range of production needs, proving, once again, that CBT is the leader in the LED direct imaging market.

Visit Technica USA's PCB Booth 4423 for a more detailed discussion on the new TITAN Series. Visit Technica.com for more information.

Rogers’ Next Generation Products Designed to Meet the Existing
and Emerging Needs of Advanced Millimeter-Wave Multilayer Designs

Rogers RO4835T™ spread-glass-reinforced, ceramic-filled laminates are low-loss materials in 2.5, 3.0, and 4.0 mil thicknesses. They are well suited for millimeter-wave frequencies as part of the inner cores of 5G hybrid multilayer PCBs.

RO4450T™ bonding materials are available in 3, 4, and 5 mil thicknesses to help construct those 5G hybrid multilayer circuits. These spread-glass-reinforced, ceramic filled bonding materials complement the different materials that will form these hybrid circuits, including RO4835T and RO4000® laminates.

CU4000™ foils provide a suitable finishing touch for many hybrid multilayer circuit foil lamination designs. For more information, visit Rogers in Booth 3802 and online at Rogerscorp.com/5G.

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