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tec-speed: A New Direction in High Speed/Ultra-low Loss PCB Material Technology

Thermal performance and signal integrity demands are key in PCB design. Nowhere more so than for aerospace & defense, automotive and electronic data transmission applications such as servers and high-speed computing and storage servers amongst others. Ventec's tec-speed high-speed/low-loss materials range from mid loss (Df 0.012) to ultra low loss (Df 0.0045) specifications with dk levels ranging between 3.9 and 2.7 - the ultimate in laminate technology!

Visit www.venteclaminates.com for more information or come say hello at APEX 2017, Booth 3715.

Direct Imaging Platforms from Limata - Booth 3609

Limata's direct imaging platforms are setting a new standard!

• P50 - Offers precision and a small footprint starting at $100K
• X2 - Perfect for entry/mid-level production & soldermask imaging on traditional LPI materials
• R4 - Next-generation production class LDI capable of over 120+ images per hour
• R9648 - Offers a 48" x 96" (4' x 8' ft) image area with 50 micron imaging capabilities

Multiple platforms and interchangeable assemblies deliver precision, performance and price without compromise! Come see us in Booth 3609 and see why we say, "We Guide the Light!"

Burkle Offers a FULL SOLUTION for PCB Fabrication Machinery - Booth 3823

Recently, a collaborative program including Burkle North America, Schmoll and Taiyo assisted in developing a new solder mask product exclusively designed for Direct Imaging (DI). The Schmoll product line also includes a number of different types of drilling/routing systems including mechanical drilling and laser drilling. The Schmoll line compliments the expandable Burkle lamination WorkCell system of hot presses, cold presses, storage racks and other peripheral products. Burkle North America's product offering is rounded out by the Impex metrology measuring product now gaining wide worldwide acceptance in the PCB industry. Visit Burkle North America in Booth 3823 or visit us online at: www.burkleamerica.com.

Technica to Promote their PCB Fab Product Portfolio at IPC APEX - Booth 3449

Technica USA will feature Chime Ball(CBT)/Maskless latest in DI technology. Demonstrations will be conducted throughout the expo. They will also be promoting three new products from Elite Materials Company (EMC), the halogen free EM890 and halogenated EM891, both ultra- high speed materials, along with the EM 370Z, an HF, very low CTE material.

Technica will promote their other partner products, which include Fuji Film, Grace Electron, RBP Chemicals, Electra Polymers, Elga and Hitachi Resists, Kyocera Precision Tools, Wise Process Equipment, PAL, Teknek, CJI Process Systems, DMP Treatment Systems and Shurloc Fabric Systems. Visit Booth 3449 to learn more.

See the Latest in Laser Techology from Excellon - Booth 4033

Excellon, with over 50 years of manufacturing mechanical drilling, routing and micro machining systems, will be displaying the latest technology in Hybrid UV and IR (CO2) laser systems called COBRA. This system with its high powered lasers, CCD vision and user friendly controller is something not to miss.

Come see us at IPC APEX 2017 in Booth 4033 to learn more!

New Micro eBook Series, I-007eBooks, from I-Connect007

Announcing a new resource in the I-007eBook library: "The Printed Circuit Buyer's Guide to…" micro eBook series. The I-007eBooks will become the gold standard for the industry by educating readers on the best ways to lower costs, improve processes and become more competitive.

The 2017 series features guides on AS9100, DFM, Flex and Rigid-flex Fundamentals, Secrets of High-speed PCBs, Signal Integrity by Example, with more to come! Visit I-Connect007 at SMTAI in Booth #1411 to learn more and visit our eBook site to download one for free!

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