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TAIYO: Your Ultimate Solution for the Latest Technologies

For the past 27 years, Taiyo America Inc. has propelled itself into the latest technologies and trends, and continues to use its extensive worldwide R&D resources to further offerings and capabilities that include the latest in inkjet technology for legend ink. The Carson City, Nevada facility offers specialty dielectric inks and via filling inks for use with microvia and build-up technologies, thermal-cure and UV-cure solder masks, as well as inkjet, packaging and legend inks. New offerings include dielectric and conductive ink products for the printed electronics, lighting and display markets.

For more information, visit www.taiyo-america.com, follow us on LinkedIn and see us at Productronica, Hall B3, Stand 247.

Koh Young Introduces the Next-Generation Process Optimizer at Productronica

Enabled by the Koh Young proprietary Intelligent Platform, KSMART Process Optimizer (KPO) leads closed-loop control solutions with adaptive learning. Combining real-time process monitoring with print parameters, KPO actively optimizes the process to boost yield and enable smart factories. KPO is comprised of three modules. The Print Advisor Module (PAM) uses diagnostic algorithms to automatically generate print parameter guidelines. The Printer Diagnostic Module (PDM) uses multiple anomaly-detection algorithms to actively optimize the print process and reduce false calls. The Printer Optimizer Module (POM) uses our adaptive learning engine to generate models that optimize process parameters. KPO improves SPI utilization, while providing print process recommendations.

To learn more about the innovative KPO software solution, visit Koh Young in Hall A2, Booth 377.

Mycronic to Exhibit New Expanded Product Range at Productronica

Mycronic will demonstrate its latest generation of intelligent assembly solutions, together with a complete portfolio of dispensing and conformal coating systems, at Productronica 2017 in Munich. Products on display will include the new MY700 for high-speed jet printing of solder paste and jet dispensing of assembly fluids, the new MY300 pick-and-place solution, and a number of versatile tabletop and in-line dispensing systems as well as flexible conformal coating systems for a wide range of applications.

To view the new product lines and to explore the complete Mycronic 4.0 intelligent factory, visit Mycronic at Productronica in Hall A3, Booth 341.

Don’t Just Store Components – Dry Them…Safely

It is possible to "reset" device floor life by removing the moisture, but it must be done under carefully controlled conditions to retain solder-ability and usefulness. XSDR Reset Cabinets from Super Dry Totech® bring unprecedented process control to component drying.

 •  Multiple batch management including automatic or manual recipes
 •  Two separate chambers with two different temperatures available
 •  Maintenance free 1% RH
 •  20 different batches automatically tracked
 •  Prevent oxidation and intermetallic growth

To learn more, visit Super Dry® at Productronica 2017 in Hall A3, Booth 277.

Lunaris from Mutracx Delivers a Whole New Set of Rules for PCB Production

Less process steps. CAM to etch in minutes instead of hours. 100% Image Quality Inspection. Maximum yield. Minimal environmental impact. These are just a few of the PCB production rules that Lunaris from Mutracx International B.V. has redefined. This truly disruptive technology will change PCB manufacturing forever. To get the new rulebook for PCB production and to see the Lunaris process in action on an actual PCB production line, please visit our website at www.mutracx.com.

Visit Mutracx International in person at Productronica 2017 in Hall B3, Booth 305.

Open up New Ways with Heraeus Electronics

To succeed and be ahead of your competition, it is essential to optimize your design and processes, shorten your development cycles and also mitigate risks in all aspects, which in turn reduce costs. Heraeus Electronics deals with sophisticated material solutions for application in consumer electronics and computing, automotive electronic systems, LED lighting, industrial-power electronics, as well as communications systems. Core competencies include bonding wires, assembly materials, thick film pastes as well as roll clad strips and substrates. Heraeus Electronics is your ideal partner to help you fulfill all requirements at maximum yield.

Visit Heraeus in Hall A4, Booth 442 or on the web to learn more.

New Detector for Flexible Automated X-ray Inspection from Goepel Electronic

The new StingRay Detector from Goepel Electronic allows selective 2D, 2.5D and 3D X-ray inspection of complex PCBs. The highly flexible image acquisition concept consisting of high-speed axes and a flat-panel detector ensures even better layer separation and brilliant, high-resolution images, but keeps the balance between image quality and inspection speed. The StingRay Detector is an additional option for the AXI system family X Line · 3D.

To learn more about the StingRay Detector, visit Goepel Electronic on the web and on the show floor in Hall A1, Booth 235 .

Kappa™ 438 Laminates from Rogers Corporation

Kappa™ 438 laminates, with a design Dk of 4.38, feature the performance of mid-tier circuit materials that exceed performance limitations of FR-4, and provide the optimum blend of price, performance and durability. Kappa 438 laminates have low loss, excellent dielectric constant (Dk) tolerance, and tight thickness control, and are engineered for outstanding, repeatable wireless performance. They have a low Z axis CTE and High Tg for improved design flexibility, PTH reliability, and automated assembly compatibility, and can be fabricated using standard epoxy/glass (FR-4) processes. These laminates are compatible with conventional bondplies and lead free solder processes, and have the UL94 V-0 flame retardant rating. Visit Rogers in Hall B3, Booth 401.

Introducing Lab ONE from Comet Group

Comet Group is integrating industry-leading technologies into one working lab and testing environment, Lab ONE, to provide testing services and access to a think tank of leading industry experts that are available for consultation, brainstorming and problem solving.

Lab ONE is different from all other labs because we can work closely with our customers earlier in the product development process, which creates tremendous learning opportunities and value for all parties. We also use our 50 years of experience to create deeper depth and breadth of technologies and real-world testing environments to provide solutions that best fit our customers’ specific needs. Visit Comet Group at Productronica in the Yxlon booth, Hall A2, Booth 405 or online to learn more.

DenciTec® from Cicor - PCB Technology that takes Miniaturization to the Next Level

Introducing DenciTec® from Cicor - The possibilities include: conductor widths and spacings down to 25 µm with copper thicknesses of 20 +/- 5 µm on all conductive layers, laser-via diameters of 35 µm, annular rings with a diameter of 30 µm for the inner layers and 20 µm for the outer layers, copper-filled blind vias with the option of via stacking, and vias-in-pads. Furthermore, the use of advanced materials allows for the production of ultra-thin circuits, including, the manufacture of four-layer flex circuits with a total thickness of less than 120 µm.

Join Cicor at Productronica in Hall B3, Booth 560 or at cicor.com to learn more.

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