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Divided into nine sessions, the Flexible Circuit Technology Training Video Series is a comprehensive view into the Structures, Applications, Materials, and Manufacturing Processes of flexible printed circuits. Each session covers a specific aspect of flexible circuit technology. This video series is a companion to the book, Flexible Circuit Technology.

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Intro to the workshop and some thoughts from the presenter

2m 18s

Workshop 2

Brief history of flexible printed circuits and basic flex structures.


Workshop 3

Flex technology drivers, markets and applications.


Workshop 4

Flex circuit material, polymers, adhesives and conductors.


Workshop 5

Implementing flexible circuit technology into products.


Workshop 6

Flexible circuit designs, principles and practices.


Workshop 7

Enhancing flex circuit robustness, stiffeners for flex circuits, special design techniques.


Workshop 8

Design guidelines for bending, folding and dynamic movement of flexible circuits; test methods for evaluating cyclical flex life.


Workshop 9

Flexible circuit manufacturing. Single and double-sided, multilayer and rigid flex. Roll-to-roll processing and printed electronics.


Workshop 10

Flexible circuit singulation methods, assembly aids, solderless rigid flex constructions, connector options and assembly standards.


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