Shengyi Technology Releases Ultra-Low Loss PCB Substrate

Shengyi Technology | 10-15-2020

Shengyi Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a PTFE based Ultra-Low Insertion loss controlled dielectric printed circuit board laminate called mmWave77 and will officially launch this product on Oct. 16, 2020.

SYTECH mmWave77 laminate material exhibits excellent electrical properties with stability over frequency, temperature and environmental changes that provides for long term reliability.

SYTECH mmWave77 Laminate Material Features:

SYTECH mmWave77 is designed, constructed and manufactured to meet the demanding electrical performance as well as reliability and safety requirements of 77GHz automotive radars. This new generation of product is an ideal cost-effective replacement to the mainstream PTFE laminate of choice of ADAS radar designs. SYTECH material provides an exceptional overall value proposition relative to overall cost with an emphasis on quality, product consistency and product availability.

SYTECH possess in house advanced test capability platform to measure the electrical performance of controlled dielectric materials up to 110GHz for both R&D and quality consistency lot to lot material monitoring. With greater than 16 years experience dedicated in supplying electronic materials to the automotive industry SYTECH management is committed to state-of-the-art process, quality control and overall continuous improvement systems and concepts. SYTECH corporation qualified for ISO/TS16949 (2004) and recently updated to IATF 16949 (2018).