AT&S Virtual Tech Days America

AT&S | 09-10-2021

Whether 5G applications, autonomous driving, high-performance computing, or innovative medical applications: The requirements for more speed, better performance, and higher efficiency are continuously increasing in all application areas. At the same time, the demands on new circuit board concepts and solutions for innovative connection technologies are increasing. These developments mean that the circuit board is no longer seen as a simple carrier of active and passive components. Rather, it is now an integral part of high-end electronic devices. New functionalities have to be integrated into the circuit board in order to meet the requirements created by new trends such as miniaturization, higher frequency ranges, lower latency times, or advanced thermal management.

These and many other topics will be covered at the AT&S Tech Days America, which will take place on September 14 and 15 in the “AT&S Virtual Showroom” and for which you can register at our website. Participants can learn more about the latest AT&S innovations.

“After the huge success of Tech Days Europe in spring, it was a logical step for us to make this format available to our customers on other continents in a virtual environment,” says Peter Schneider, CSO of AT&S AG. Exciting specialist lectures, presentations, and Q&A sessions will demonstrate how the latest AT&S technologies can improve the performance, efficiency, speed, and size of applications. “The virtual environment and the ambiance of the virtual showroom fit perfectly with the image of AT&S as one of the global technology leaders”, says Peter Schneider.