Saki Develops Next Generation 3D AOI System with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Saki Corporation | 09-14-2021

Saki Corporation, an innovator in the field of automated optical and X-ray inspection equipment, is pleased to announce a qualification by DENSO Corporation that officially approves Saki's next-generation 3D Automated Optical Inspection System (3D-AOI). The new Saki solution, which will be adopted and implemented by DENSO, is the 3Di-LS2-CASE; a next-generation 3D-AOI machine with enhanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities.

The new 3Di-LS2-CASE maintains the industry’s highest level of inspection speed and accuracy, thanks to Saki's unique, highly rigid gantry structure, with the addition of AI-based inspection automation functionality. It significantly reduces the number of false calls in the inspection of solder defects (non-wetting) that is difficult to achieve with conventional 3D-AOI technology and dramatically improves the speed and accuracy of solder defect detection.

The 3Di-LS2-CASE will be available for order from 2022.

Key features of the 3Di-LS2-CASE are:

With such enhanced performance capabilities, the 3Di-LS2-CASE has been approved as a global standard machine for DENSO. The company’s Electronics Manufacturing Department spokesperson explained: “Saki's next-generation 3D-AOI is an excellent solution that supports the realization of Smart Factories in the C.A.S.E era, allowing full inspection of in-vehicle quality. DENSO will add Saki to its list of approved vendors and will be rolling out Saki’s solution globally.” 

Norihiro Koike, President, and CEO of Saki Corporation said: "We are very honored to be approved as a partner for our next generation 3D-AOI by DENSO, a global tier-one manufacturer of automotive components. The quality of in-vehicle electronic components that enable the next generation of mobility has become increasingly important. For the factories producing the next generation of in-vehicle electronic components on increasingly larger scales, AOI systems that deliver highly reliable and accurate inspection performance play a vital role in ensuring the safety of our society and human life. We fully support our customers’ objective to ensure safety in the next generation of mobility.