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Welcome to Real Time with... American Standard Circuits (ASC). In this special event, hosted by I-Connect007, we focus our discussion on three areas: flexible circuits, RF circuits and thermal management. Each topic-specific presentation is segmented for your convenience. We invite you to enjoy the presentations below.

Flex and Rigid Flex PCBs
With so many design styles available with flexible circuits, deep manufacturing expertise in fabrication becomes a critical resource for the design team. Anaya Vardya and Dave Lackey offer an overview of flex layers, rigid-flex layers and components. They examine common applications used to create more reliable, compact board assemblies. Lackey and Vardya stress getting your flex fabricator involved in the design process as early as possible in order to identify possible manufacturing challenges, increase yield and reduce costs overall.
Thermal Management
Anaya Vardya, John Bushie and Dave Lackey discuss thermal conductivity and thermal management. The ASC team share strategies for managing thermal dissipation. Material is one factor, but so also are design techniques like via farms, etc., metal cladding, and even the inclusion of flex technology to design smaller, multi-functional circuit boards.

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Understanding MIL-PRF-31032

Unlike other specifications like the aerospace AS9100 standard that focuses on the quality management system, MIL-PRF-31032 is a performance specification; in other words, it was established to test PCBs to certify that they meet the necessary requirements for military use. The title of the specification is “Printed Circuit Board/Printed Wiring Board, General Specification For,” and the scope “establishes the general performance requirements for printed circuit boards or printed wiring boards and the verification requirements for ensuring that these items meet the applicable performance requirements.”

Recent items featuring American Standard Circuits

American Standard Circuits Adds Industry Expert John Johnson as Director of Business Development

Anaya Vardya, President, and CEO of American Standard Circuits, has announced the appointment of industry expert John Johnson to the position of Director of Business Development. Mr. Johnson’s main effort will be focused on high tech business development, with special focus on the growth of Averatek’s A-SAP technology.

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DFM 101: Final Finishes—ENIG and ENIPIG

One of the biggest challenges facing PCB designers is not understanding the cost drivers in the PCB manufacturing process. This article is the latest in a series that will discuss these cost drivers (from the PCB manufacturer’s perspective) and the design decisions that will impact product reliability. Final finishes provide a surface for the component assembler to either solder, wire bond, or conductively attach a component pad or lead to a pad, hole, or area of a PCB.

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American Standard Circuits Focuses on Education with 77 Second Webinars

American Standard Circuits has launched an ongoing bite size series 77 Second Webinars and other educational videos on YouTube, featuring pertinent PCB topics like controlled impedance, buried resisters, and flex technologies as well as series focused on RF and thermal products.

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American Standard Circuits to Exhibit at FIME 2022

West Chicago, Illinois PCB fabricator American Standard Circuits will be exhibiting at FIME 2022 (Florida International Medical Expo) at the Miami Beach Convention Center from July 27-29.

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American Standard Circuits Installs Metrohm 894 Professional CVS Equipment

As part of their complete facility update, American Standard Circuits has purchased and installed new Metrohm CVS 894 equipment and software.

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Standard of Excellence: A Column by American Standard Circuits

  • Standard of Excellence: The New Age of Cooperative Partnerships in North America

    For the past few years, I have written frequently about being partners with our suppliers and our customers. Now I thought it might be time to talk about being partners with each other. By each other, I mean the whole North American PCB industry—PCB and PCBA shops, engineers, designers, and of course, our customers and suppliers. So, now is the time to truly start working together; that includes PCB designers, fab houses, PCBA companies, and our vendors and suppliers. If I may dare, I declare this the new age of cooperative partnership in North America.
  • Standard of Excellence: Six Fundamental Techniques to Sustain Partnerships Amid Rising Prices

    These are unprecedented times. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that. In fact, I’ve shared my views in this column many times that we must seek out new ways of doing business, especially in doing business with one another. Let’s work together toward success. No matter what, partners must look out for each other, even to the point of making sure we’re making enough money to survive and to invest in the future.
  • Standard of Excellence: Respect for the Most Preferred Partnership—Your Employees

    There are many types of partnerships in business, but without a doubt the most important one is with our employees. Especially considering today’s labor shortages, it’s critical that we establish true and appealing partnerships with our employees, especially those who are just coming on board. I look at this as an opportunity and chance to improve the way we work with our employees. It’s a chance to not only create a better partnership with our team members but to find better ways to partner with them.

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