SEMICON Japan 2014

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Headlines of the Week

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1. Yaskawa Electric (Major equipment supplier in Japan) 11/27
The supplier has opened the" Robot Center" in Indonesia for local technical service in Asian countries.

2. Murata (Major device manufacturer in Japan) 11/27
The manufacturer has commercialized a new SMT type LC hybrid EMI filter “BNX Series” for automotive, industrial, and medical applications.

3. Hitachi Metals (Major metal supplier in Japan) 12/1
The supplier has developed a new soft ferrite core material for automotive devices. The new material has stable properties up to 130 degrees C.

4. Fujitsu (Major electronics company in Japan) 12/1
The company has begun foundry business of semiconductor devices at its subsidiary companies in Mie and Aizuwakamatsu.

5. JSR (Major electronic material company in Japan) 12/1
The company will invest 4 billion yen to create a new manufacturing subsidiary in China for special LCD panel materials.

6. Toyota Tsusho (Major trading company in Japan) 12/4
The company has begun the volume mining of lithium carbonate in Salar de Oraloz, Algentina with an annual volume of 17,500 tons.

7. Dai Nippon Printing (Major printing company in Japan) 12/8
The company has begun the volume production of Biomatic B-PET film for general packaging, including paper cups.

8. Tohoku University (Japan) 12/10
The university has developed a productive electrode for a hydrogen generator without the use of rare earth metals by introducing porous graphene.

9. Chi Mei (Major display manufacturer in Taiwan) 12/16
The manufacturer will postpone the manufacture of polarization sheets for LCD panels in China.

10. Hitachi Chemical (Major electronics material supplier in Japan) 12/16
The supplier has developed a new UV curable anisotropic conductive film (ACF) for connections of FPD panels capable for 400 square micrometer pads with a five micron gap.

11. Sony (Major electronics company in Japan) 12/17
The company has developed a new 0.23” OLED panel with 640 x 400 pixels for wearable display devices.

12. Ricoh (Major electronics company in Japan) 12/17
The company has unveiled a new gel jet printer, “RICOH SG 3100KE,,” with a hybrid technology of ink-jet printing and laser printing.

13. Pioneer  (Major electronics company in Japan) 12/17
The company has shipped the world's smallest and lightest laser blood flow meter for a touch medical sensor.

14. Panasonic  (Major electronics company in Japan) 12/18
The company has started the business of large scale data archive “LB-DH8 Series.” The system has 638.4TB capacity in one unit with a 216 MB/s data transfer speed.

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