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Electrolube’s Phil Kinner has been providing I-Connect007 readers with information, guidance and practical tips on the uses and applications of conformal coatings through Team Electrolube’s “Sensible Design” columns published over the last four years. Now, in his engaging, new, 12-part webinar series, Phil will delve even deeper into the subject, examining conformal coating chemistries in further detail, including their properties, applications, issues to be mindful of and the processes you should follow to achieve a successful coating outcome. The entire “Coatings Uncoated!” webinar series can be viewed in an hour and covers a comprehensive range of hot topics and application-relevant case-study overviews, as well as back-to-basic subject matter and issues, such as condensation and contamination. Each of the 12 segments can be viewed in about five minutes.

Session Details

Webinar 1

An Introduction to Conformal Coatings

This overview session looks at the rationale for conformal coatings, the basic types of chemistry available and their differing characteristics. This webinar also explains the different levels of protection that conformal coatings can offer and the consequences of inadequate protection.

9m 6s

Webinar 2

Never Underestimate the Importance of the Application Process

This insightful webinar considers the options for coating application processes, examines the pivotal role that application plays in the overall success of coating, and presents a great opportunity to grasp the importance of the process.

5m 22s

Webinar 3

Corrosion and Tin Whisker Mitigation Understood

Have you ever wondered about the process of corrosion and the formation of tin whiskers? Understand more about the elements required to invoke corrosive damage and the role of cleaning. How can conformal coating and cleaning protect the board from corrosion and mitigate against the effect of tin whiskers?

6m 8s

Webinar 4

Dielectric Failure and the Three ‘C’s: Clearance, Creepage and Conformal Coatings

Understanding the mechanism of dielectric failure and how conformal coatings can protect against this. What is creepage, and how does it impact clearance? Can conformal coatings reduce creepage?

4m 11s

Webinar 5

Not All Acrylics Are Created Equally

Learn how to read through the jargon of datasheets and understand the differences in acrylic conformal coating options. How can additional data, including test results, ensure a greater understanding of the most suitable coating for your application? Contamination is the enemy!

4m 20s

Webinar 6

Circuit Failures Case Study: Silicone vs. Sulfur

An interesting case study concerning a telecommunications giant experiencing a high degree of field failures. Phil explains the mechanism behind the failures and why the silicone option proved unsuccessful. This webinar concludes with a full explanation of the successful solution.

4m 15s

Webinar 7

Primary Flight Control Electronics Case Study: Condensation and Coverage

Military and aviation applications represent some of the toughest challenges, as failure is simply not an option. In this case study, Phil explores an aviation-based customer application and the resultant solutions provided by Electrolube.

6m 16s

Webinar 8

The Next Generation: 2K Conformal Coatings

This webinar serves as an introduction to two-component (2K) coating systems and the overall benefits that are achievable. Phil explains how these coatings differ from the more traditional options and how they perform like a resin and behave like a coating.

5m 03s

Webinar 9

Understanding UL Approvals: Aerosol Spray Technology

This webinar considers a customer application involving aerosol spray coating. The customer reported failures due to arcing, creepage and corrosion. Phil explains the relevance of UL approvals and progresses through the details of the case study.

5m 31s

Webinar 10

Don’t Choose a Coating That Cracks Under Pressure!

This webinar concerns an automotive-based application (engine management system). Over a period of two years, the number of field failures escalated beyond all accepted levels, and a new solution was required. Phil discusses the finer details of this interesting case study.

5m 52s

Webinar 11

The Perils of Technology Transfer (Selective Spray vs. Selective Dip Application)

This webinar examines an automotive Tier 1 OEM application. Phil discusses the original coating system used, the resultant problems and the future path (including testing, overcoming problems and learning).

7m 30s

Webinar 12

Cycle Time Constrains Coverage

This insightful webinar examines the trade-off between cycle time and coverage required. This webinar considers an electric vehicle charging controller case study.

7m 22s

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