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A smart factory is created from many parts, and inspection systems will play a critical role for process optimization in the next industrial revolution. Accurate, reliable 3D measurement-based data is essential, and a key element for a true smart factory. In this 12-part webinar series, viewers will learn about secure data collection, AI-powered solutions to manage and analyze data, and how to leverage the IPC CFX-QPL to succeed in the transformation to Industry 4.0. Managing process data from connected SPI and AOI systems will help realize the Fourth Industrial Revolution faster. Perhaps we can even discover a path to the autonomous manufacturing future some are calling Industry 5.0.

Session Details

Webinar 1

Smart Factory Success

There are many pieces that create a smart factory, but inspection systems will perform a critical role in quality management and process optimization in the next industrial revolution. Accurate and reliable 3D measurement-based data is critical and a key element for a true smart factory. Inspection systems and proprietary AI-based learning technologies incorporate the industry’s best True 3D measurement-based technologies.

3m 59s

Webinar 2

Understanding CFX and Hermes

CFX and HERMES are both communication standards created by IPC with the purpose of monitoring, control, optimization, and autonomy of the production lines. In other words, they are enablers of the next generation of smart factory solutions in Industry 4.0.

3m 14s

Webinar 3

Connectivity Using CFX and Hermes

The CFX communication standard enables the secure collection of production data and inspection results. All this can be integrated effortlessly with MES or traceability systems. At the same time, the Hermes standard eliminates SMEMA connectors, external barcode scanners, and other complexities associated with line automation. Together, these standards provide advanced closed-loop communications that can perform complex tasks and simplify implementation.

4m 12s

Webinar 4

Envisioning the Factory of the Future

Intelligent software solutions can help manufacturers analyze and optimize the production process by managing process data from connected SPI and AOI systems to speed the arrival of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and perhaps even offer a path to the autonomous manufacturing future some are calling Industry 5.0.

4m 40s

Webinar 5

Focused Data Management

Processed data is information, analyzed data is insight; data management modules provide the key to efficient production and high standards of quality and reliability. A practical approach is necessary to realize a smart factory.

3m 39s

Webinar 6

Focused Data Analysis

The strength of the ideal smart factory software suite will exist in its analytical power. Raw data must be converted into action-oriented information to help with real-time production details that are relevant to the manufacturer.

3m 44s

Webinar 7

Focused Process Optimization

The software suite should deliver the opportunity to realize a fully automated and advanced manufacturing facility through a comprehensive infrastructure for autonomous process optimization. The system must autonomously render complex process optimization decisions typically reserved for dedicated process engineers.

3m 29s

Webinar 8

Advanced Process Control & Inspection

Inspection machines can successfully measure stencil printing, component mounting, and solder reflow performance; yet, there are limitations–especially when closed-loop communication is missing. Equipment suppliers must cooperate to achieve communication for a zero-defect future by creating M2M connections that can optimize the process by exchanging real-time SPI and AOI measurement data with other machines in the production line.

3m 49s

Webinar 9

Leveraging the IPC CFX-QPL to Integrate Equipment for a Smart Factory

Multiple factors create a smart factory: automation, connectivity, monitoring, control, and optimization. Regardless of the factors, there will also be key differentiators that will help a manufacturer succeed in the Industry 4.0 transformation.

5m 30s

Webinar 10

Business Cases Leveraging the IPC CFX-QPL

Manufacturers should be aware of the topics, messages, and sections available in CFX to help the digital transformation. Yet, as the transformation progresses, it is critical to keep pace with the available tools. This session explores the most essential messages that are used for inspection.

5m 35s

Webinar 11

Secure Data Exchange between IPC-2581 (DPMX) and IPC-2591 (CFX)

Historically, the focus of the exchange of design and manufacturing data was to reduce the time to market. Today, the focus shifts to data protection and information security, especially in manufacturing automation applications.

4m 44s

Webinar 12

Smarter Manufacturing through Inspection

Inspection data that is properly converted to information is contributing to almost every process on the SMT line, providing real insight into faults and their root cause to improve production performance and efficiency.

3m 43s