Peters’ ELPEGUARD Gel Receives UL Approval

Peters | 04-30-2021

The Peters ELPEGUARD gel EH 13.401 FLZ-UV-HT has received Underwriters Laboratories (UL) approval. This means that the Peters gel for dam-and-fill applications has undergone and passed the flammability test in horizontal burning.

Defining parameters for the flammability of plastics for parts in equipment and applications in the presence of an open flame using a Bunsen burner, the UL94 standard certifies that the Peters ink system meets the requested fire protection classification.

"These are the strict eyes of the globally recognised and independent U.S. organisation that examines products, components and systems with regard to their safety and certifies them with a Yellow Card if they pass the test," reports Stefan Schröder, product manager for conformal coatings at Peters.

"Dam-and-fill" applications help protect highly complex areas within an assembly, achieved through the application of a barrier which is then sealed by a flowable material. Dam structures can be applied, for example, around connector strips, components and contact surfaces to prevent penetration or spreading of the subsequently applied conformal coating. Due to the smooth flow after application, components "legs" are completely enclosed.

The conformal coating ELPEGUARD SL 1307 FLZ-T gels of the EH 13.401 FLZ-UV series are available in practical cartridge filling or fillable for dispersing systems. These gels, which are available both in colourless-transparent and fluorescent versions, are thixotropic, solvent-free and purely UV-curing ink systems based on acrylate resins that can be applied with pinpoint accuracy. Perfect conformal coating for most difficult applications.

"Thixotropic means that the longer you stir the liquid, the thinner it becomes," explains Schröder. In the case of Peters inks this means that the thixotropic adjustment does not run—e.g., on a printed circuit board—and can therefore be used on critical plug connections and components with high capillary action, too.

The coating also provides reliable protection against contact, especially on solder pins. The highly elastic dam minimises the risk of cracks during temperature changes. UV curing takes place at approx. 4000 mJ/cm², which means that curing is complete, uniform and efficient, resulting in a brilliant and scratch-resistant surface. Visit