May 2021 SMT007 Magazine Available Now

I-Connect007 Editorial Team | 05-03-2021

Did you know that 3,000 volunteers work on IPC committees? In the May issue of SMT007 Magazine, we raise awareness of their work and the value they bring to the industry. We bring you status reports from key committees, trends the committees are identifying, as well as a historical perspective of past achievements.

We talk with IPC about the purposes, roles, and organization of all 135 or so committee-type teams currently in process. We examine how committees are formed and how they are organized into a larger strategic vision. We talk with IPC’s technical directors, whose job it is to guide the committee processes. We also catch up with some of the newest committee leadership, and we look back at IPC’s earlier beginnings as a reminder of how far the industry has come over the past 64 years.

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