AT&S Unveils New Image Video 'What if'

AT&S | 07-20-2021

AT&S, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of substrate-like printed circuit boards and IC substrates, impressively demonstrates in its new image video the important role AT&S products play in digitalization and why its solutions are the basis and enabler for networking and digitalizing the world.

“The film consists of two parallel plots, that of the 12-year-old girl Ree and that of emerging technologies,” explains Daniel Bauer, owner and director of the Graz-based creative agency ShotShotShot. “When we follow Ree and her dog Captain on their way through the forest, we learn a lot about the demands and desires that people associate with technology.” Connections are made, things can be experienced and grasped, and one’s own story is described in a positive way that is in harmony with the environment. The video, which was shot in Styria and also in Slovenia, triggers emotions. The main protagonist – Ree – is 12-year-old Stella Legat from Bruck/Mur.

The triad of “Recognize trends. Seize opportunities. Create innovations.” has made us a global technology leader,” says AT&S CEO Andreas Gerstenmayer. “Every day we contribute to the technological progress of our customers and the interconnected world. We have our ear to the market, we set standards, we offer solutions – for miniaturization and modularization, for performance and efficiency, for safety and sustainability. Open-mindedness and shaping progress drive us across all locations and nationalities. And that’s exactly what our new image video conveys.” Several scenes show the development and application of future-oriented technology. They show how future is being created today and that work is already being done on technologies that will shape our tomorrow. 

“The AT&S image film is not only aimed at all those who are interested in the AT&S phenomenon and want to know in which future-oriented products AT&S technology is integrated,” says Gerald Reischl, Director Communications & PR at AT&S, “but the video is also intended to appeal to and inspire those who want to become customers or employees of the company. We want the video to position us not only as an innovative company, but as an attractive employer.” “What If…” aims on the one hand to generate understanding of the huge impact AT&S technologies have on our lives, our environment and our future. On the other hand, the film provides an answer – AT&S – We provide the solutions – today, for the technology of tomorrow.

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