Magazine Ad Specs

All of our magazines are presented in a 100% digital format. Your ad will appear online in our flip magazine as well as locally in PDF format on reader's computers. Therefore, all ads are to adhere to the following specs: 8"x10.5"; (203.2 x 266.7mm) no bleed; RGB color space; 150-300 dpi. Recommended minimum font size is 11pt for legibility in our flip magazine.

File types accepted: We prefer PDF/X3:2002 files with annotated links (Note: do not embed in your creation program but rather add them to your PDF in Acrobat.) Additional file types accepted: Flattened PSD; AI files - flattened - with text converted to outlines; EPS; PNG24; TIFF or High-res JPEG. Please send us the links and their location in an email if you are not providing a PDF. Corel Draw PDF files perform best with fonts embedded. File naming: CompanyName-Month-19.pdf

Maximum file size: 1.5 MB

Video window ads: You may want to enhance your ad with a video in your design. A quick way to do this is to place a screenshot of your video with a play button over the top to give the visual cue to click. If your video is hosted on YouTube, simply send us the link and we'll place the player over your screenshot. We can upload your video to our YouTube channel if needed. Ask your salesperson for the link to upload video files to us. Recommended run time: Less than 3 minutes (For maxium attention span, we suggest 15-30 sec.)

Full Page Ad

Standard Full Page Ad


Full Page Video Ad

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