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We deliver highly qualified leads

Leads are the lifeblood of your sales team. The best way to increase sales is by educating your prospects. Popular with our reader community, I-007e is a hub for specialized content including eBooks, micro webinars, workshops and round tables. Our programs are designed to position our contributors as thought leaders in their specific area of expertise.

Micro eBooks

We transform your original 8,000-word text document into a professional book that will be downloaded by over 1,500 industry professionals. I-007eBooks have a surging reputation as the go-to source of highly valued, specialty knowledge for the electronics industry supply chain community.
Your I-007eBook will join the ranks of many well-respected thought leaders.

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Turn your knowledge into profit with I-007e Micro Webinars. This 12-week program includes everything you need to share your expertise with the industry. Thought leadership is only valuable when your prospects perceive you as the authority, and we know education-based marketing is the most successful sales strategy.

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Roundtables and workshops

Join other industry experts for thoughtful dialogue exchange. I-Connect007 editors will facilitate and record topic discourse. These recorded conversations are transcribed and offered as a downloadable PDF booklet for enhanced reader experience. This is also a valuable takeaway you can offer your prospects and customers.

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“500 qualified leads in just 6 weeks! How many trade shows would I have to staff to get that many quality leads?”

Andrew Naisbitt
Director, Gen3