Roundtable Discussions

Welcome to I-007e roundtable discussions. Below you’ll find insights from leading industry experts on a variety of important topics. Access the roundtable of your choice immediately by hitting the play button. Or, if you prefer, there is a link to download the transcript. We invite you to start enjoying your roundtable session now.


Collaboration Leads Matric Group to Discover Efficiencies, Growth

Doug Bevier and Patrick Stimpert from Matric Group, Ivan Aduna from Koh Young, and I-Connect007 editor, Nolan Johnson


Achieving Operational Excellence in Electronics Manufacturing

Featuring Zac Elliott, Farid Anani, Nolan Johnson, and Happy Holden


App Notes and Fab Notes

Featuring Dana Korf, Jen Kolar, Mark Thompson
of Monsoon Solutions, and Kelly Dack


Use of IMS Thermal Materials in Multilayer Stackups

Featuring Chris Hanson and Denis McCarthy from Ventec,
Rax Ribadia of Excello Circuits and I-Connect007 editors
Andy Shaughnessy and Pete Starkey


Process Ionic Contamination Test (PICT) Standard

Featuring the IPC’s Teresa Rowe, Graham Naisbitt of Gen3,
Jason Keeping of Celestica, and Doug Pauls from
Collins Aerospace