EP 1:

In this introductory episode, Siemens topic experts Patrick Hope and Pat McGoff define sustainability in PCB design and introduce us to Siemens’ sustainability initiatives. They also establish the agenda for this series, touching on key topics from design through validation, to manufacturing, supply chain and logistics. Future episodes dive deeper into those subjects.

EP 2:

Are cloud applications and sustainability just a pie in the sky vision? Not if you talk to Susan Kayesar, PCBflow product manager at Siemens. Susan maps the sustainability landscape, as she sees it, pointing out the potentially negative effects that “greenwashing” can have. She then takes us on a tour through DFM and industry standards development for sustainability, as well as some key new best practices that emerge from using a cloud-based platform model for business operations software systems.

EP 3:

Mark Laing, business development manager for digital industries software at Siemens, discusses the role of electronics in achieving sustainability. Not only does the electronics industry have a primary role to play here, but it also contributes by creating products which enable other industries to monitor and optimize their sustainability practices.

EP 4:

The most obvious area of concern for logistics sustainability is the reduction of the carbon footprint. But Christian Wendt, marketing and communications department head at Siemens Digital Logistics, suggests that there is much more than simply fossil fuel costs. During our conversation, Wendt explains a wide variety of logistics-related areas to consider, from employee burnout to governmental regulations, and how they vary from country to country.

EP 5:

In this installment, Zac Elliot, Siemens technical marketing engineer, discusses sustainability in logistics internal to the factory. Listeners will hear how ineffective logistics create wasted effort in the form of ineffective materials transfers, or increasing line downtime when materials are not flowing to the line properly.

EP 6:

One long-standing sustainability slogan is “think globally, act locally.” In this installment, Siemens predictive analytics expert, Jonathan Fromm, introduces us to the “eight R’s” of sustainability. Fromm also draws parallels between the idea of thinking globally and act of crafting holistic sustainability initiatives.