The Digital Layout: The Foundation of the PCEA Is Being Laid

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In this month’s column, I highlight the Orange County Chapter’s recent meeting and their transition from IPC to PCEA affiliation, recent PCEA activities, and the evolution of this column, including introducing Kelly Dack, CID+, PCEA’s new communication officer.

Chapter Spotlight
by Scott McCurdy

The Orange County Chapter is doing very well in Southern California and has been active for 18+ years now. We are proudly the largest active chapter in existence based on the attendance at our quarterly meetings. We average 50–65 attendees at our meetings, and occasionally have 80+ people in attendance. In our most recent meeting, held January 21 in Irvine, California, we had an outstanding crowd with 80 people in attendance to hear the educational presentation by Gerry Partida, field application engineer with Summit Interconnect.

The main topic for this meeting was “Microvias: Have You Designed for Reliability? How to Detect Weak Microvias and Avoid Costly Assembly Defects and Customer Field Failures.” As component pin densities get tighter with each passing year, designers have been pushed to use HDI with more microvias and blind/buried via structures. As a result, tighter via densities and signal integrity requirements in printed boards have revealed reliability concerns with microvia structures in high-performance products. Avoiding post-fabrication microvia failures is critical to the success of your products, and there are details that designers need to know.

Gerry’s presentation reviewed concerns and reliability testing relating to microvias. He provided an overview of the HDI processes and presented the use of current test methods and the superiority of testing with the IPC-D-coupon and IPC-TM-650 test methods and 2.6.27. Gerry also discussed the warning statement in the forthcoming IPC-6012E: Qualification and Performance Specification for Rigid Printed Boards.

To read this entire column, which appeared in the March 2020 issue of Design007 Magazine, click here.



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