Lenthor Engineering Announces Mid-year 2020 Financial Results

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Lenthor Engineering, Inc., a California-based designer, manufacturer and assembler of rigid-flex and flex printed circuit boards, announces its 2020 mid-year financial results.

Strong performance was reported for Q2 2020 with revenue totaling $9.4M an increase from Q1 2020’s reported revenue of $8.3M. With these results, Lenthor Engineering retains its position as one of the largest privately owned flex and rigid-flex fabrication and assembly companies in North America.

Profit totals for mid-year 2020 also reported in with a significant year over year increase over the same period of 2019.  The increase in profitability can be attributed to the previous year’s capitalization expenditures coming on-line during Q3 and Q4 of 2019 and into Q1 2020. Lenthor Engineering’s Order Book continued to show strength as well with a reported 1.06% Book-to-Bill ratio.

Lenthor Engineering is focusing future growth opportunity on moving into full production on designs incorporating advanced dielectric materials. This focus is driven by forecast demand in the use of these materials from several major account partners within Lenthor Engineering’s key markets of support, mil/aero, telecom, and medical.



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