Freedom CAD Services Hire Chief Strategy Officer

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Freedom CAD Services is pleased announce that Dan Amiralian has joined the company as the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). Dan will be responsible for strategically expanding Freedom CAD’s capabilities in Electronic Product Development. Freedom Electronic Product Development (EPD) will provide customers an array of engineering services such as Electrical, Mechanical, Software, Firmware, Industrial, Signal, Power, Test, and CAD Engineering all geared to help customers seamlessly meet their Time-to-Market and Development cost goals. 

Dan will be responsible for building the capabilities to fulfill the requirements of turnkey electronic product development, by augmenting Freedom’s 20 years of complex PCB design experience.

Dan has been in the electronics industry for over forty years predominately in EMS market. His prior employments include Efficiency Products International, Fairchild, Cybermation, Distron, Virtex, and Bedrock Automation. He was President and Owner of New Age EMS before selling the company in 2016.

Dan has led multi-disciplinary product development teams that have introduced literally hundreds of new products over the years ranging from industrial controls, medical, and automotive products to military and avionic hardware with an emphasis on products that are high-reliability and have strict security requirements. His experience covers hardware design, firmware development, process engineering, test development, and reliability engineering.


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