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Smart Data: Using Data to Improve Manufacturing

by: Sagi Reuven and Zac Elliott

Manufacturers need to ensure their factory operations work properly, but analyzing data is simply not enough. Companies must take efficiency and waste-reduction efforts to the next phase using big data and advanced analytics to diagnose and correct process flaws.

To help your factory take the next steps in the journey to digitalization, Sagi Reuven and Zac Elliott of Siemens Digital Industries Software examine ways to overcome major hurdles that companies face in collecting manufacturing data and reap the benefits of putting data to good use with analytics.

Readers, especially factory managers, will learn about tools and solutions to aggregate and analyze isolated data sets that will enable better decision making and reduce cost and waste.

ISBN: 978-1-7370232-0-3

Sagi Reuven

Sagi Reuven is a mechanical engineer who holds an MBA and is experienced in Mentor Graphics layout design and simulation products. Before joining Siemens Digital Industries Software, he was the CEO and co-founder of a medical device company in the retinal imaging sector and consulted for other startup companies. Sagi is a part of the Siemens Opcenter-Valor business development team focused on electronics manufacturing.

Zac Elliott

Zac Elliott is a technical marketing engineer with Siemens Digital Industries Software. Working directly with electronic manufacturing service providers in the medical, aerospace, automotive, and public-safety markets, Zac ensures that key requirements for the smart factory are fulfilled using software and automation. Before joining Siemens, he was responsible for developing and implementing solutions for a global contract electronics manufacturer, providing an in-depth understanding of the market pressures driving Industry 4.0. Recently, Zac has served as a member of the IPC task group working on an industry standard for traceability of critical electronic components.

Siemens Digital Industries Software is driving transformation to enable a digital enterprise where engineering, manufacturing and electronics design meet tomorrow. Our solutions help companies of all sizes create and leverage digital twins that provide organizations with new insights, opportunities and levels of automation to drive innovation. For more information on Siemens Digital Industries Software products and services, visit or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Siemens Digital Industries Software – Where today meets tomorrow.

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Chapter Summaries

  • Chapter 1

    The Benefits and Challenges of Collecting Big Data

    Chapter 1 looks at the challenges related to collecting good data and how this can improve business.
  • Chapter 2

    The Difference Between Data and Analytics

    Chapter 2 examines what makes data "smart," including the differences between raw data and true analytics.
  • Chapter 3

    Putting Data to Work in the Factory to Improve Business

    Chapter 3 covers how data can be distributed from the underlying infrastructure for external use.

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Happy Holden Happy Holden is the retired director of electronics and innovations for GENTEX Corporation. Formerly, he was the chief technical officer for the world’s largest PCB fabricator—Hon Hai Precision Industries (Foxconn). Prior to Foxconn, Holden was the senior PCB technologist for Mentor Graphics and advanced technology manager at Nan Ya/Westwood Associates and Merix. He previously worked at Hewlett-Packard for over 28 years as director of PCB R&D and manufacturing engineering manager. He has been involved in advanced PCB technologies for over 47 years.

Marius Stepanescu Marius Stepanescu currently serves as the technical director at ICCO EMT, a Romanian electronics manufacturer serving the Europe and Romanian markets, offering PCB production and assembly services, where he leads the engineering team. Marius joined ICCO 21 years ago and invested most of his entire career there. Marius graduated from the Universitatea Politehnica Timisoara with a bachelor's degree in engineering in 1999. He started his career as a service engineer for the K&S pick-and-place line. From 2007, Marius joined ICCO and became the technical director, leading the service team and the new engineering team from production.