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AS9100 Certification

by: Khurrum Dhanji, Imagineering, Inc.

Welcome to The Printed Circuit Buyer's Guide to AS9100 Certification.
This book was written to give you the essential information needed regarding AS9100 certification in a concise and easy-to-read format, presented in seven chapters summarized below.

Author Khurrum Dhanji—a printed circuit board manufacturing veteran with years of PCB manufacturing experience—has written this book to share real-world insight on all you need to know about the process of becoming AS9100 certified.

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ISBN: 978-0-9796189-0-1

Khurrum Dhanji is CEO and a Managing Partner of Imagineering, Inc. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from DePaul University. He designed, implemented, and manages Imagineering's PCBA department. Khurrum Dhanji is responsible for the implementation of Imagineering's AS9100 QA System and has recently received a recommendation for certification through an ANAB accredited agency. He is an IPC-A-610 Certified Trainer and has also completed certifications for MYDATA Automation in the following categories, MYPlan, TPSys, New Users, and MYLabel. Furthermore he is a certified NPI Specialist through Aegis Software.

Imagineering, Inc. was founded as a family business in 1985

Relying heavily on family expertise, the company has succeeded by recognizing industry needs and reacting to serve these needs.

Imagineering’s relentless focus on the customer has led to the decision to upgrade from the ISO 9001 quality management system to AS9100. Customer pressure (or demand) is typically the driving factor for most companies to pursue the stringent, daunting AS9100 certification, but this is not the case with Imagineering. Once again, Imagineering is differentiating themselves, as this decision was solely based on the desire to improve the company, and their service to their customers.

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Since 1985, Imagineering, Inc.’s aggressive turnaround and pricing have become PCB industry standards. Imagineering attributes its steady growth to their commitment to customers and constant awareness of high standards in service and quality.

Chapter Summaries

  • Chapter 1

    An AS9100 Primer

    Chapter 1 provides a high-level overview of the AS9100 standard, explains what a Quality Management System is, and discusses the process approach.
  • Chapter 2

    Quality Management System

    Chapter 2 talks about the general Quality Management System requirements of the standard, the minimum documentation requirements and the quality records that are required to be maintained.
  • Chapter 3

    Management Responsibility

    Chapter 3 outlines the expectations that top management (leadership) own, monitor and make required adjustments to the Quality Management System.
  • Chapter 4

    Resource Management

    Chapter 4 is focused on Resources, specifically employee training and competence, maintenance of the facility and equipment and provision for a safe and clean work environment.
  • Chapter 5

    Product Realization

    Chapter 5 presents all of the requirements that fall under Product Realization, which means every activity that is involved in producing a good or service.
  • Chapter 6

    Measurement, Analysis and Improvement

    Chapter 6 deals with the requirements for measuring and monitoring both processes and product along with the requirements for driving continuous improvement.
  • Chapter 7

    About Imagineering

    Chapter 7 presents the history of Imagineering and their journey to becoming one of the industry’s most well-run, and successful, companies.

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In just six short and concise chapters, this book lets the reader gain a complete understanding of this certification. The excellent first chapter is an actual primer on AS9100, informing us on what AS9100 actually is.

Dan Beaulieu
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Dan Beaulieu

The Printed Circuit Board Buyer’s Guide to AS9100 Certification
By Imagineering’s Khurrum Dhanji
This book is long overdue. Finally, a book on AS9100 certification written in clear and concise language. It’s important to note that this book is for people who use printed circuit boards educating them on AS 9100 certification; what it is exactly, and why companies should require it from their vendors.

In just six short and concise chapters this book lets the reader gain a complete understanding of this certification from the excellent first chapter which is an actual primer on AS9100 informing us on what AS9100 actually is, “A quality management standard for the aviation, space and defense industries…based on the ISO 9001 standard…including 100% of the requirements of ISO 9001 plus over 80 additional requirements specific to the aerospace industry.” To why it was developed by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) to improve quality and reduce costs specifically for the aerospace industry.

The second chapter discussed the actually system including what it is and how it works highlighting documentation and the all-important quality manual.

Then the book goes on to outline other aspects of AS 9100 including management responsibility encompassing top managements responsibility and support in implementation and continually improvement and developing quality objectives.

Right through to resource management and implementation throughout the facility and finally to measurement, analysis and improvement.

I have to mention that this short volume also includes a number of charts and graphics illustrating in even simpler terms everything needed for the reader to get a very good and sold understanding of AS9100.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran engineer who uses PCBs or a novice buyer of PCBs this is must read for you.

Imagineering in continuing its goal to add value to its customers has done the industry as a whole a great service in publishing and distributing this book to anyone who uses PCB especially those who work for companies whose customers require AS9100 certifications. If you fall into one of these categories I would urge you to get a copy of this book for your own AS9100 education.

The last chapter talks about the Imagineering their company, what services they provide and how they are dedicated to providing their customers with all of the value add services possible as exemplified by their efforts in providing the industry with this Printed Circuit Board Buyer’s Guide to AS 9100 Certification.