Huami Amazfit Stuns with 6 Innovative Products Across 3 Verticals Unveiled at CES 2020

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Huami, one of the world’s largest wearable technology companies, wowed industry and consumers at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2020) in Las Vegas by unveiling six new products spanning three verticals: the futuristic immersive fitness and category-redefining Amazfit HomeStudio; foldable treadmill Amazfit AirRun; the true wireless stereo (TWS) fitness earphones with Clip-to-Go design, Amazfit PowerBuds; the sleep-comfort and health monitoring Amazfit ZenBuds; the newly released outdoor adventurer’s watch Amazfit T-Rex, the new among the seven series in the brand’s smartwatch portfolio; and an upgraded edition of Amazfit Bip S.

In recognition of these ground-breaking innovations and Amazfit’s leadership in smart wearables, Huami Amazfit received two top awards from IDG (International Data Group): “the Most Noteworthy Smart Wearable Innovation Enterprise” for its industry-leading innovations and “Best TWS Fitness Earphones” for the newly announced Amazfit PowerBuds.

Mr. Wang Huang, the company's Founder, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, said, “By expanding our health and fitness technology expertise beyond smartwatches and fitness bands to include immersive treadmills and earbuds, Amazfit is presenting a vision of the future of fitness in the coming decade and demonstrating how health and technology can come together in 2020 and beyond.”

The Future of Personal Immersive Connected Fitness, Amazfit HomeStudio

With the category-redefining Amazfit HomeStudio, reaching fitness goals has never been easier—or more fun. Developed in partnership with STUDIO, the fitness entertainment leader, HomeStudio is a connected fitness treadmill paired with a 43” HD screen, called Smart Gym Hub, and surround-sound JBL speakers to provide an immersive and highly personal boutique fitness experience. It brings the thrill and inspiration of fitness classes right to your home. Smart Gym Hub connects users to a wide selection of diverse video workout classes—covering treadmill, sculpting, stretching, yoga, and more—and its AI-powered computer vision can even detect and help correct form. Amazfit HomeStudio provides a futuristic fitness experience featuring personal user interactions, immersive effects and varied fitness modalities, along with a virtual gym community. With the advent of the 5G era, it could be expected that the immersive fitness could possibly empower you to improve your health wherever you are, with more interactions such as social engagement. Amazfit is also announcing a more affordable connected model: Amazfit AirRun. The Amazfit AirRun features a minimalistic design, comfortable materials, customized surround-sound JBL speakers, heart-rate monitoring device connectivity, and an extra-wide treadmill belt. It folds up in just 5 seconds, making it easy to store in small spaces.

 Amazfit PowerBuds: True wireless earphones with professional fitness features

Drawing on Huami’s extensive fitness wearable expertise, the new Amazfit PowerBuds line of products seamlessly integrates professional fitness functions into high-fidelity true wireless inear headphones that feature a sports-ready design and sound system.

The new Amazfit PowerBuds are designed with action in mind, ready to follow you into any athletic environment. The Clip-to-Go design, featuring removable magnetic sport ear hooks, ensures PowerBuds will stay in your ears no matter how vigorous your workout. Smart sensors automatically play or pause when you take on or off the earbuds. Whether you’re commuting, at work, relaxing or hitting the gym, PowerBuds keep you always connected with their smart, intuitive tap controls.

Professional heart monitoring functionality sets the PowerBuds apart, providing not only data tracking, but also real-time status updates and alerts right reported right in your ear. The advanced composite diaphragm delivers high-quality sound that is tuned for balance, but can automatically juice up the bass when you need that extra workout oomph. The in-ear design blocks external noise, and you can activate Thru Mode when you want to let ambient sounds in for better situational awareness and safety.

The PowerBuds offer an industry-leading 8 hours of continuous listening time and up to 24 hours with charging case.

Amazfit ZenBuds, for Easier and Smarter Sleep

 The new Amazfit ZenBuds help you sleep better and smarter, with its Smart Interference and real-time monitoring functions. With their sleek, ergonomic noise-blocking In-ear design, ZenBuds fit snugly into your ear to insulate you from external noise, providing peace and quiet for the best night’s sleep. Smart Interference further masks noises from your environment, playing soothing sleepinducing sounds that automatically turn off once you’ve dozed off. Meanwhile, real-time monitoring gathers data on your heart rate, body position and movement, then compiles it into a report that better helps you understand and improve your sleep quality. With a 12-hour battery life when sleep monitoring kept working after 3 hours’ sleep music ended, the ZenBuds can both lull you to sleep at night and wake you up with an in-ear alarm come morning.

Amazfit T-Rex: Ready for any adventure, unleashing your instincts

Designed for the most adventurous, Amazfit T-Rex is no ordinary smartwatch. It has survived a gauntlet of harsh environmental stress tests in order to meet United States Military Standard certifications. With a 1.3” AMOLED display and 5 ATM water resistance, T-Rex is built to withstand extreme temperatures as well as damp, salt and alkali. T-Rex comes with 14 sports modes, tracking user performance in everything from indoor and outdoor running to cycling to skiing. It features GPS, GLONASS, a BioTracker™ PPG optical heart rate sensor, an advanced activity tracker and a sleep monitoring sensor, all providing detailed data to enable you to best reach your fitness goals. Leveraging Huami’s latest technological advancements, Amazfit T-Rex delivers an impressive 20-day battery life.

Amazfit Bip S—Step into a colorful life

Following the huge success and popularity of Amazfit Bip Lite and Amazfit Bip, Amazfit Bip S which now integrates Huami-PAI, a revolutionary indicator of personal activity that gives you details about your heart health and overall fitness, also debuted at CES 2020. Featuring a colorful transflective display, 31g ultra lightweight design and 5 ATM water resistance, complete with a battery life of up to 40 days and built-in GPS, the latest Amazfit Bip S provides global users with an unprecedentedly vivid wearable experience which enable them to stay healthy and vibrant.

Known for its professional, stylish smart wearables, Huami Amazfit is aiming to bring innovations to the users worldwide, in the spirit of its slogan “LEAP OVER LIMITS.” Driven by the company’s mission, “Connect Health with Technology”, Huami is committed to establishing a global healthcare ecosystem, while being the most trusted health and fitness partner for its users.



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