SDS Awarded with the Security Industry’s Largest Order for Gunshot Detection Systems

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Shooter Detection Systems (SDS), the world’s leading gunshot detection solutions provider, is proud to announce the finalization of a contract for a multi-thousand piece order of the Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System placed by a California Fortune 100 customer. SDS has amassed many Fortune 500 enterprise and large venue customers since the company was formed in 2013, but this most recent order is significant in that it marks the greatest quantity of sensors sold under a single contract in the company and the industry’s history.

The customer is based in California with additional locations throughout the U.S. and overseas. The order follows a year-long process that included extensive information security and penetration testing of SDS’s sensor and software, live fire testing of the system’s gunshot detection features, false alert testing, and a comprehensive study of SDS’ financial strength and durability as a business. As a result of these examinations, SDS was sole-sourced as the customer’s chosen gunshot detection provider and awarded a five year contract with the customer.

“This is a significant event in the history of SDS,” said Christian Connors, SDS CEO. “This is a customer with very complex and detailed requirements, and our ability to meet their needs allowed the SDS system to stand out from the other systems they reviewed.”

The initial order is part of the customer’s comprehensive active shooter mitigation initiative that will keep its more than 40,000 employees safe from active shooter incidents. With Guardian at the heart of this initiative, the system will report gunshot events to the Global Security Operations Center as well as to localized employees in the area of the threat. The gunshot detection system will be integrated with Genetec Security Center for video and access control and Everbridge for mass notification and critical event management during gunshot incidents.

“Our team, our technology, our history in gunshot detection, and our stability as a company is unique in the indoor gunshot detection industry. We are extremely proud to celebrate this milestone as we closed out the sixth year since the Guardian product was introduced to the market. More importantly, this order is systemic of the trend that we are seeing where large corporations and venues across the U.S. are applying our technology to aid in mitigating the growing active shooter threat,” said Connors.

The customer plans to incorporate an additional 3,000 sensors in the near future to expand the gunshot detection project and cover their remaining locations outside of California.



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