Mentor Hosts Design Tool for Rigid-Flex Circuits Webinar

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“What Technology Should Your PCB Tool Have To Design Rigid-flex Circuits Properly?” is the topic for a webinar hosted by Mentor, A Siemens Business, from 2 to 3 p.m. EDT, Tuesday, Aug. 25.

Today, electronic design companies are meeting consumer form-factor demands and ensure high reliability and flexibility in design options for products using flex/rigid-flex circuits. Designing these rigid-flex PCB’s requires a design tool with advanced technologies distinctly unique to flex/rigid-flex design. From flex/rigid-flex centric operations and capabilities that understand the unique structures, constraints, plane management, materials, stack-ups, and beyond, PADS Professional has the features and operations necessary to support flex/rigid-flex design that other tools don’t.

Presenters are Brent Klingforth, a technical marketing engineer specializing in schematic, PCB and manufacturing products; and John McMillan, technical marketing engineering manager.

You will learn:

  • Requirements for Flex design
  • Where arced and rounded structures are required
  • How to design a proper stack-up
  • Intelligent overlapping flex regions
  • Automation specific to Flex design
  • Proper design technique for flexible circuits
  • How to incorporate Flex and Rigid-Flex designs into your product
  • Automated features allowing you to dramatically reduce design time

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