HSIO Circuit Technologies Acquires former HEI Circuit Fabrication Operation in Tempe, AZ

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HSIO Technologies, LLC headquartered in Maple Grove MN announces that on December 14, 2015 a wholly owned subsidiary HSIO Circuit Technologies, LLC acquired the former HEI Circuit Fabrication operation Cochlear Tempe, LLC in Tempe AZ. The Tempe operation was considered a leading domestic supplier of Rigid Flex, Flex Circuit and Rigid PCB substrate products and was acquired by Cochlear LTD of Sydney Australia early 2015 as part of bankruptcy proceedings of the parent HEI, Inc. of Victoria MN. The operation will continue production as an ongoing concern and introduce new enhanced and expanded capability in 2016 under the HSIO Circuit Technologies, LLC operating unit. The goal of the operation is to provide industry leading domestic supply of very fine line and space circuit fabrication focused on small form factor high performance Flex Circuit, Rigid Flex, Rigid PCB, and Semiconductor Package Substrate applications. In addition to conventional circuit applications, the operation will implement production of HSIO’s next generation Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) high performance high density circuit fabrication capability which enables extreme impedance tuning with high aspect ratio circuits and full metal copper vias capable of 12 micron geometries in an implantable material set.

This acquisition complements the 2012 asset acquisition of R&D Interconnect Solutions to provide the industry leading combination of high performance Printed Circuit, Semiconductor Test Socket, Wafer Probe and Connector products available with over 60 US and International patents issued, granted, licensed and pending with tuned performance beyond 40 GHz.

Inquiries can be directed to James Rathburn at jrathburn@hsiotech.com  

Application inquires can be directed to sales@hsiotech.com



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