Insulectro Tees Up Signal Integrity Product Arsenal at Designcon

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Insulectro, a leading distributor of materials for use in the printed circuit board and printed electronics industries, has announced its plan to speak directly to PCB designers’ greatest challenge – signal integrity – during next week’s DesignCon in Santa Clara, CA (January 21-22). Insulectro can be found in space #414.

Attendees will learn first hand about signal loss solutions as Insulectro aggregates products from their suppliers Isola, DuPont, Oak-Mitsui, CAC Inc., and Ormet Circuits.

“This is a very strategic show for the PCB industry,” said Ken Parent, Insulectro Vice President of Sales, “It’s located right in the heart of Silicon Valley and attracts all members of the supply chain – from suppliers to fabricators, plus designers and OEMs. We are fortunate to have been a major player in Northern California for many years. It’s a perfect opportunity for us to showcase the incredible array of products we offer that help to maximize signal integrity.”

Vice President of Technology Chris Hunrath agrees, “Engineers and designers attend DesignCon looking for solutions to the continual challenge of signal loss. We hope to engage the attendees and discuss their issues and introduce them to the material solutions we provide.

“They will see some interesting new laminate materials from Isola designed for high speed applications as well as high-quality electrodeposited copper from one of our newest suppliers – Oak-Mitsui,” Hunrath continued.  “We have knowledge and experience with many different materials used in PCB construction and are expert at how they work together. A broad range of dielectrics, foils, interconnecting pastes and imaging technologies enables us to offer systems to different design requirements.”

Parent added, “There’s a new no-glass solution for rigid, fine-line applications being introduced by one of our top-flight suppliers at the show and we’ll also focus on the exciting possibilities of Ormet Sintering Paste – a lead-free paste that is highly electrically and thermally conductive and cures to form a solid metallurgical bond.

“Stop by our booth, #414, at DesignCon and get acquainted with us and the best-in-class products we offer. And don’t forget, technical service is an important part of the Insulectro difference. We have a complete staff of Field Application Engineers ready to work with you on solutions that are on-time, on-target, and on-budget,” Ken Parent concluded.

About Insulectro

Insulectro is the leading supplier of materials used to manufacture circuit boards and printed electronics. Insulectro combines its premier product offering with local inventory in strategic stocking locations across the country, fabrication capabilities and backed up by expert customer and technical support services.

Insulectro supplies advanced engineered materials manufactured by DuPont Microcircuit Materials, DuPont Circuit & Packaging Materials, Isola, LCOA®, CAC, Inc., Integral Technology, Pacothane, Oak-Mitsui, Shikoku, and Focus Tech.



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