AT&S Tech Days in Santa Clara - Update of the Latest Trends in PCB Technologies

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AT&S Americas, LLC is organizing the AT&S Tech Days on September 12-13 in Santa Clara, California. During the first day technical seminars and presentations from AT&S and partners will highlight the latest innovations and market trends for PCB technology. The event will take place at the Santa Clara convention centre. On the second day AT&S offers individualized company forums with its experts at the Santa Clara Hyatt Regency Hotel.

Hosted by Scott Clifford, President AT&S Americas LLC, the presentations will start with an overview of the technology drivers impacting the next generation ofPCB technology. Hannes Voraberger, Group Manager AT&S R&D will describe how PCB and substrate technologies will merge providing continued miniaturization. This technology oriented presentation will be followed by an industry outlook analyzing the key market trends driving interconnect technology, given by Prismark Partners, an electronics industry consulting firm. A customer perspectiveexplaining the 3D system supply chain integration will be presented by the UTAC Group.

Other speakers will address the design for embedded technology with focus on thinner formats and higher integration as well as mobile design considerations like performance, density, cycle time and material.

In addition, PCB flex & rigid technologies and applications, power electronics and thermal management options, mechanical integration and 3D technologies, high-speed and high-frequency in PCB manufacturing are being addressed by the experts.

The complete agenda is available HERE.

Visitors can register HERE.

About AT&S

AT&S is the European market leader and one of the globally leading manufacturers of high-value printed circuit boards. AT&S industrialises leading-edge technologies for its core business segments Mobile Devices, Automotive, Industrial, Medical and Advanced Packaging. In 2016, AT&S will produce two new, leading-edge technologies at the new site in Chongqing (China) – IC substrates and substrate-like printed circuit boards for high-end applications. As an international growth enterprise, AT&S has a global presence, with production facilities in Austria (Leoben and Fehring) and plants in India (Nanjangud), China (Shanghai, Chongqing) and Korea (Ansan, near Seoul). The company employed an average of 8,688 people as of December 31, 2015.  



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