Just Ask Happy: The Exclusive Compilation

August 13, 2020 | Happy Holden, I-Connect007

We asked for you to send in your questions for Happy Holden, and you took us up on it! We loved them so much, and we know that you did too, so we’ve compiled all 21 questions and answers into one document for easy reference.

I-Connect007 Editor's Choice: 5 Must-Reads for the Week

August 7, 2020 | Nolan Johnson, I-Connect007

Nolan Johnson's top 5 picks this week include the SpaceX Dragon splashdown, the Mars 2020 mission’s Ingenuity helicopter—featuring an interview with the carbon fiber company that built the helicopter’s landing gear—and the U.S. Air Force’s efforts to secure space systems with the help of volunteer hackers. Readers also responded to news from IPC and iNEMI, and blockchain turned out to be hugely popular.


From the Hill: 7 Steps for MIL-PRF-31032 Certification

July 27, 2020 | Mike Hill, MIL-Q-Consulting LLC

Mike Hill's past columns have detailed how military electronics are being used in an ever-increasing application rate. In this column, he shares seven certification steps, resources, and timetables for consideration when certifying to...

Defense Speak Interpreted: DMEA

July 14, 2020 | Dennis Fritz, Fritz Consulting

A June 17 article announced a supply chain award of $10.7 billion to eight defense companies for semiconductors. Dennis Fritz explains how the Defense Microelectronics Agency (DMEA) administers this contract and keeps the technology...

Rethinking Manufacturing Featuring:

Cyberattack! Think It Couldn’t Happen to You? Think Again! An interview with Eric Cormier and Dave Ryder
A Lasting COVID-19 Lesson: Resilient Regional Manufacturing Networks by Dr. John Mitchell
Rethinking Captive Manufacturing An interview with Alex Stepinski
Atotech Looks to Expand Product Portfolio An interview with Andreas Schatz and Daniel Schmidt
Atotech: A System Supplier With Total Solutions by Happy Holden
Rethinking Interconnects With VeCS Technology An interview with Joe Dickson
Simulation Technology in Acid Copper Pattern Plating An interview with Robrecht Belis

Inventory Management Featuring:

IBM: Supply Chain Blockchain Interview with Christophe Begue and Michelle Lam
Increase Traceability, Prevent Counterfeiting Interview with Michael Ford
Automating Inventory Control Interview with Bill Astle and Bob Black
An EMS Perspective on Inventory Management Interview with Foad Ghalili
Trust in Time by Michael Ford

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