Pemtron Goes Public on KOSDAQ Stock Market

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Pemtron Technology, an inspection equipment developer and supplier, is pleased to announce that the company went public on the Korea Stock Exchange (KRX), effective November 24, 2022, under the ticker symbol: 168360:KS. The company plans to continuously expand policies to enhance shareholder value by supplying state-of-the-art products through continuous technology development and maximizing corporate profits. 

Pemtron aims to become the unrivaled global No. 1 company in the field of inspection equipment based on state-of-the-art equipment equipped with the best hardware and software. Furthermore, the company continues to establish ethical management practices and creates and shares social values.

“On the semiconductor side, which has been growing recently, we plan to launch equipment for wafer pattern inspection in the mid-end process, wire bonding in the back-end process, MEMS automatic inspection, package automatic inspection and automatic memory module inspection,” stated YW Yoo, Pemtron CEO. “Some of this equipment is already contracted with leading global companies in Korea.”

Pemtron manufactures and sells 3D precision process inspection equipment in the SMT, semiconductor and secondary battery fields. Its equipment is based on inspection technology using 3D measurement and AI deep learning based on machine vision and image processing S/W technology using industrial high-speed camera images.

Primary product offerings include SMT inspection equipment that precisely measures the state of solder paste and mounted parts in the manufacturing process (SMT process) such as IT electronics and autonomous vehicles, as well as inspection equipment of semiconductor wafer, wire bonding, package, memory module, FC -BGA PCB circuit, secondary battery, etc.

The Korea Stock Exchange is a division of the much larger Korea Exchange (KRX or the Exchange). Previously, Korea’s stock market was a standalone entity. In 2005, the Korea Stock Exchange merged with the Korea Futures Exchange and the electronic market, KOSDAQ, to form the Korea Exchange. The exchange is the only securities exchange operator in South Korea, making markets in equities, bonds, stock index futures, stock index options, and equity options.


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