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productronica 2009 took place November 10–13 in Munich, Germany. Following are more new and flagship products seen at the electronics manufacturing trade show, not featured in our Productronica Show Preview: Materials, Productronica Show Preview: Equipment, or productronica 2009: Product Showcase.

Solder Paste Inspection and AOI 

The SE500X advanced 100% 3D solder paste inspection (SPI) system is a larger board version in the SE500 series. Now able to accommodate boards/panels measuring 100 × 100 mm up to 810 × 610 mm, SE500X inspects with >80 cm2 /second speed. The SE500 and SE500X systems can inspect pad sizes down to 01005 component size (150 × 150 µm) at line speeds. The SE500 features a conveyor that can transport board/panels from 50 mm2 to 510 mm2. Standard features for both models include automatic conveyor width adjustment, mechanical board stop, 1D and 2D multiple barcode read using the sensor, and Process Tracker SPC charts with alarm capability in the user interface. Additionally, the SE500 has enhanced warp compensation for flexible circuits, the ability to handle odd-shaped pads, and an XML file format output for easy integration to shop floor control systems. The SE500 also can run program files originally created for the SE 300 Ultra. Flex HR is an enhanced-resolution AOI system with inspection performance for 01005 components. As one of the highest-speed inspection systems in the industry, Flex HR suits assembly lines producing a wide range of products including memory modules, notebooks PCs, mobile phones, automotive products and other industrial electronic assemblies. The FLEX HR inspection software now has auto-seeding capability for faster automatic model building by automatically selecting best examples from the supplied training set. Creating a robust model with the auto-seeding function is simple and fast during programming. CyberOptics Limited, A2.417.

Insertion System

The PLT-902 Dual Head Terminal Inserter System will be demonstrating the insertion of two Interplex press-fit terminals: a 0.64mm connector terminal and a 0.80mm dual press-fit stacking terminal. The terminals will be inserted using the new 902 SXT Insertion Head. UMG Technologies, Interplex booth, A4.526.

Suite of Profiling Products

OvenCHECKER is a no-thermocouples-required single-pallet, profiler-included, reflow oven verification tool. MEGAM.O.L.E. 20 is a twenty-channel thermal profiler. V-M.O.L.E. is a PCB profile verification tool. The suite is designed to establish recipe requirements, characterize and verify profiles, and ensure that the oven is continuing to operate in spec with the profile parameters. All products are designed to be engineering-sophisticated and operator-friendly. Features such as the OK Button on all three tools give a clear Go/No-Go signal, enabling decisions based on the engineer’s profiling-parameter input to be made at the operator level. Readiness indicators on the profilers eliminate any wasted runs that may occur if any of the profilers are too warm or there’s an open-thermocouple condition. Following the profile, the Target-10 function of the M.A.P. software facilitates honing in on the location of a failed profile. Over 185 customizable data extractions provide for analysis, and the ability to customize one-page reports for an EMS or OEM based on their specific needs. After the initial profile has been established and verified using the MEGAM.O.L.E. 20 and/or the V-M.O.L.E., the thermal management process can often break down. Using ECD’s M.A.P. software as it travels through the oven, the OvenCHECKER compares the oven’s profile to the engineer’s target-profile input, and with a single button push, the patent-pending OK Button indicates if the oven is in or out of specification. Able to store over 90 runs, the OvenCHECKER allows an operator to verify profiles all day without having to transfer data or find an engineer. The verification tool includes a long-life lithium rechargeable battery, charged via USB connection. ECD, co-exhibiting with XDry, A3.146.

Process Audit Tool for Dry Cabinets

M.O.L.E., based on the V-M.O.L.E. from ECD, is a process audit tool for ultra-low humidity desiccant dry cabinets. The XDry M.O.L.E. records and reports internal/external temperature and humidity inside a dry cabinet. It adapts an industry-standard temperature profiling system to include moisture measurements. Using ECD's data acquisition technology and M.O.L.E. MAP reporting software, it analyzes and reports on actual cabinet conditions. XDry, A3.146.

Halogen-free Lead-free Solder Paste

Indium8.9HF solder paste is a halogen-free, lead-free solder paste offering print transfer efficiency and response-to-pause printing. The advanced rheology suits advanced 0.4-mm-pitch and 0201 technologies. The solder alloy is halogen-free tested per EN14582 test method, with a proprietary activator package and oxidation barrier, which allows it to coalesce and wet without halogens. The oxidation barrier also ensures there is no graping on small passives. The oxidation barrier and high slump resistance allows Indium8.9HF to effectively eliminate head-in-pillow (HIP) defects. The solder can be manufactured with tin/lead (SnPb) powder so it can be used on products currently exempt from RoHS. In a SnPb process it offers high thermal stability and low voiding. It also eliminates the need to change solder paste chemistry when transitioning to a RoHS-compliant environment. Indium, A2.320.

Solder Masks, Pastes, and Inks

PSR-4000 CC200 HRS is a high-productivity solder mask designed for curtain coating. It has very fast exposure and excellent resistance to harsh final finishes such as immersion tin (ImSn). PSR-4000 QD was formulated to give excellent coating and drying performance in spray applications. It suits coating equipments that use infrared (IR) tack drying. PSR-4000 QD also has fast photospeed and excellent resistance to harsh final finishes.PSR-4000 LDI (US) is a screen-printable soldermask for laser direct imaging (LDI) applications. It has fast photospeed and is a dark green color. A curtain coatable version will be released soon.PSR-4000 W8 super white soldermask for LED applications is formulated to have outstanding reflectance and to resist color change from the high heat and UV associated with LED lighting applications.A line of specialty and custom conductive paste and ink products suitable for printed electronics and solar cell fabrication applications are now available with a wide range of material, electrical, and physical properties.Also featured will be Taiyo’s line of legend and marking inks and via hole plugging inks including THP-100DX1 VF, which is designed for use in automated hole filling equipment from suppliers such as ITC and MASS. TAIYO AMERICA INC., a subsidiary of Taiyo Ink Mfg. Co. ltd., B2.527.

Halogen-free Solder Paste

SN100C P600 D4 solder paste is a halogen-free, high-reliability, no-clean, lead-free solder. Designed as a high-reliability solder paste for high-density assembly with stable printability, the paste provides excellent reflow with good wetting and minimum incidence of mid-chip balling, low residue and significant cost advantages. Additionally, it typically can be reflowed with a profile similar to that which is commonly used with SAC305 and SAC405 with 240°C peak. Nihon Superior Co. Ltd., A4.570.

Test Products and Services

The flying prober Condor III offers simplified maintenance and failure diagnosis, a new four-wire measurement = Kavin (4 wire) resistant measurement technique, and improved fiducial recognition. Two testers integrated into one hardware system provide increased flexibility and lower cost-of-ownership for application-specific test requirements. It integrates a MTS30 rack into a Flying Probe Condor III system. The portable MTS30 rack can be removed to be used separately as a stand-alone test system. According to the needs of current production schedules, the system can operate as flying prober or as desktop test system. Users can choose between the adapterless/fixtureless flying probe test, a bed-of-nails test using a fixture, or a combination thereof. The system has a 19″ footprint. Fault diagnosis and maintenance of the test rig is more simple and fast, as the new system has a status display to inform the user about the system’s condition. Four-wire measurement allows for measuring extremely low resistance values, independent of system-inherent contact resistances. Two separate test access points are required at both net nodes of the component-under-test for true four-wire measurement. By means of an additional second test wire per flying probe head, a simulated four-wire-measurement can be performed, even if the board-under-test doesn’t permit access on two points per node. This allows for compensation of system-inherent resistance offsets. Only the contact resistance between test nail and DUT remains uncompensated. It can be taken into account by an optional software offset parameter value. The recognition of fiducial marks has been greatly enhanced using an adaptable lighting intensity. Even the most critical images of fiducials can now be recognized.The Reverse Engineering Service recovers board designs for repair and/or re-manufacture, using a tool called Digitizer. With the Digitizer, the board data is re-created and all the connectivity is discovered. A CAD file for the board can then be generated that has all the board components and nets and that can be used in repair and/or re-manufacture. Board schematics can also be supplied.Digitaltest handles all board test needs as an outsource test partner. Services include applications, test program generation, debug and fixture build. Digitaltest can use any test programs and fixtures from all manufacturers such as GenRad, Teradyne, Agilent (HP) etc. Digitaltest GmbH, A1.365.


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