HANZA Enhances Organization; Adds Experienced Top Managers

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The Frontrunner Strategy of industrial strategist HANZA aims to develop the company into a leading business partner in manufacturing. Today HANZA carried out the next stage in this strategy with an enhanced organization to which the company has recruited two experienced top managers.

HANZA Holding AB, listed on the First North Stock Exchange, is rapidly developing in both service and manufacturing. In order to optimize the company and create a good foundation for future development HANZA have today presented an enhanced organization:

The Mechanics manufacturing is organizationally divided into two new divisions: HANZA Light Mechanics and HANZA Heavy Mechanics.

  • As manager for Light Mechanics, HANZA has recruited the highly qualified Emoke Sogenbits from Flir and earlier Enics.
  • As manager for Heavy Mechanics, HANZA has appointed Mikko Leiden from the successful company Metalliset which was recently acquired.

Gerd Levin-Nygren continues as Manager for HANZA Electronics.

  • The sales function is converted into the new department Business Solutions where Strategy, Business Development, Marketing and Business Implementation with HANZA´s own concepts All You Need Is One™ and MIG™ are included.
  • Head of Business Solutions is Thomas Lindström, who previously lead the sales function. Thomas also remains as Vice President of HANZA.

The Frontrunner strategy

HANZA follows its established strategy Frontrunner, which aims to shape HANZA into a world-leading business partner in manufacturing. Both the recently completed acquisition of high-quality manufacturer Metalliset with nearly 500 employees in Finland, Estonia, the Czech Republic and China and the new organization is part of this strategy.

"The new organization provides new profit opportunities through cost savings and synergies with the recent acquisition," says Erik Stenfors, CEO. "The new structure is simple, clear, and furthermore scalable for our future development."

An important part of the strategy is to create greater customer value by offering advanced knowledge and services combined with manufacturing. Higher customer value creates even greater value for HANZA's shareholders.

To clarify the skills portion and simplifying the structure HANZA has created a central department, Business Solutions, which focuses on project sales, larger customers and more extensive collaborations.

"We meet the greater trust from the market by focusing on business solutions," says Thomas Lindström, Vice President and Head of Business Solutions. "Our strategic advisory services on manufacturing strategies have been very successful among new and existing customers."

The market´s most innovative manufacturer              

Former head of the earlier Mechanics Division, Ove Karlsson, takes the role of COO and for the new developed organization two highly experienced managers are recruited: Emoke Sogenbits former head of the manufacturer Enics factory in Elva, Estonia and Mikko Leiden former Vice President of Metalliset. Mikko has also been head of the Finnish contract manufacturer Incap.

"HANZA has the most innovative manufacturing concepts on the market" says Emoke Sogenbits, new Manager HANZA Light Mechanics and also Site Manager for HANZAs factory in Tartu. "It is with joy that I step on board to participate and further develop this business based on my experiences."

"There is a high demand in the market for the complete manufacturing solutions HANZA offers," says Mikko Leiden new Manager HANZA Heavy Mechanics. "HANZA's business model creates new benefits for the clients we have worked with before in Metalliset."

External business reporting

HANZA currently works with two core business areas; Business development and Operations. The quarterly business reporting for Operations is divided into the segments Mechanics and Electronics. The developed organization within each business area does not change the format under which HANZA does quarterly reporting.


HANZA is a fast growing industrial business partner within manufacturing. The company increases growth and profitability for its custormers by supplying complete manufacturing solutions in mechanics, electronics, cables and final assembly. HANZA was founded in 2008 and has grown into a SEK billion company. The Company currently operates in Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Poland, Slovakia and China. Among HANZA’s clients there are leading industrial companies such as Atlas Copco, Ericsson, ABB and Saab Defense.


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