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Silicon on Insulator Market is Poised to Generate $2,285.5 Million Revenue by 2024
10/16/2019 | P&S Intelligence
Giving Robots a 'Nose'
10/16/2019 | Carnegie Mellon University
Wearable, Washable Textile Devices Are Possible With MXene-Coated Yarns
10/16/2019 | Drexel University
New IDC Spending Guide Sees Solid Growth Ahead for Security Products and Services
10/16/2019 | IDC
HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair and electronicAsia Attract 67,000+ Buyers
10/16/2019 | ACN Newswire
RootMetrics 5G Report Shows Verizon Surpassing 1 Gbps in Chicago
10/16/2019 | IHS Markit
Researchers Find Superconducting Material That Could Someday Power Quantum Computers
10/16/2019 | Johns Hopkins University.
Panasonic to Team up with IBM Japan in Improving Semiconductor Manufacturing Processes
10/15/2019 | Panasonic Corporation
Electrochemistry to Benefit Photonics: Nanotubes Can Control Laser Pulses
10/15/2019 | Skoltech
Combination of Techniques Could Improve Security for Internet of Things Devices
10/15/2019 | Pennsylvania State University
Army Bio-Inspired Theoretical Research May Make Robots More Effective on the Future Battlefield
10/15/2019 | U.S. Army
4G to 5G: Market Leader Transition Strategies
10/15/2019 | Business Wire
The Nano-guitar String that Plays Itself
10/15/2019 | Lancaster University
How to Control Friction in Topological Insulators
10/15/2019 | University of Basel
Diversity May Be Key to Reducing Errors in Quantum Computing
10/15/2019 | Georgia Institute of Technology
These New Soft Actuators Could Make Soft Robots Less Bulky
10/15/2019 | University of California - San Diego
New Quantum Scientist Aims to Get Qubits Talking
10/15/2019 | University of Oregon
Astronomers Use Giant Galaxy Cluster as X-Ray Magnifying Lens
10/15/2019 | MIT
NVIDIA Leads the Fast-Growing and Complex Edge AI Chipset Market but Competition is Intensifying
10/15/2019 | ABI Research
Bioelectronic Implant Could Prevent Opioid Deaths
10/14/2019 | Northwestern University
New Design Strategy Can Help Improve Layered Superconducting Materials
10/14/2019 | Tokyo Metropolitan University
FLIR Acquires Tethered Drone Assets and Technology from Aria Insights
10/14/2019 | FLIR Systems, Inc.
SEMI Releases 2019 Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap
10/14/2019 | SEMI
Robots Help Patients Manage Chronic Illness at Home
10/14/2019 | MIT
SIA Statement on ‘Phase One’ U.S.-China Trade Agreement
10/14/2019 | SIA
$6.6 Billion Medical Electronics Market by 2025
10/14/2019 | Business Wire
World's Largest Electronics Marketplace Opens
10/14/2019 | ACN Newswire
Controlling Superconducting Regions within an Exotic Metal
10/11/2019 | EPFL
DeepFly3D: The Deep-Learning Way to Design Fly-Like Robots
10/11/2019 | EPFL
Development of a Stretchable Vibration-Powered Device Using a Liquid Electret
10/11/2019 | NIMS

New IDC Spending Guide Sees Consumer Spending on Technology Reaching $1.69 Trillion in 2019
10/11/2019 | IDC
Researchers Find Way to Harness AI Creativity
10/11/2019 | University of Waterloo
First Prototype of a Quantum Computer on Superconductive Materials Sucessfully Launched in Russia
10/11/2019 | NUST MISIS
UO Microscope Points to More Efficient Solar Fuels Devices
10/11/2019 | University of Oregon
Global Night Vision Devices Market to Reach $9.9 billion by 2025
10/11/2019 | Business Wire
Traditional PC Market Continues to Grow Despite Issues in the Supply Chain
10/11/2019 | IDC
Global Economy Will Avoid Recession, and See Some Recovery in 2020
10/11/2019 | The Conference Board
Sensitive Robots are Safer
10/11/2019 | TUM
2019 Microprocessor Slump Snaps Nine Years of Record Sales
10/11/2019 | IC Insights
From Health Care to Space Robotics
10/10/2019 | TUM
TUM Agenda 2030: Combining Forces for Additive Manufacturing
10/10/2019 | TUM
Thin Win
10/10/2019 | University of Utah
NTU Singapore Start-Up Unveils Robot with Human-Like Dexterous Grip
10/10/2019 | NTU
Quantum State of Single Electrons Controlled by ‘Surfing’ on Sound Waves
10/10/2019 | University of Cambridge
System Can Minimize Damage When Self-Driving Vehicles Crash
10/10/2019 | University of Waterloo
New CEOs Can Raise Their Social Game to Keep Their Jobs
10/10/2019 | Rice University
New Method Visualizes Groups of Neurons as They Compute
10/10/2019 | ICFO
514 Million Devices with Multimodal Learning Applications will Ship in 2023
10/10/2019 | ABI Research
Innovation and Technology Expansion Set to Drive Contactless Ticketing Smart Card Installed Base Beyond 1 Billion by 2024
10/10/2019 | ABI Research
Smaller Than a Coin
10/09/2019 | ETH Zurich
Modified Quantum Dots Capture More Energy From Light and Lose Less to Heat
10/09/2019 | Los Alamos National Laboratory
Flexible, Biocompatible Nanocellulose Sensors
10/09/2019 | EMPA
Security in a Heartbeat
10/09/2019 | Sandia National Laboratories
Keeping Cool with Quantum Wells
10/09/2019 | University of Tokyo
SEMI, Taiwan Government Team to Connect Global Green Energy Supply Chain at Energy Taiwan
10/09/2019 | SEMI
Europe Consumer Confidence Unshaken by Economic, Political Uncertainties
10/09/2019 | The Conference Board
Global Consumer Confidence Unchanged in Q3; Index Remains at Historic High
10/09/2019 | The Conference Board
2024 Global Power Distribution Automation Market Report
10/09/2019 | Globe Newswire
Research Shows Military Service Can Hurt Some Job Seekers’ Prospects
10/08/2019 | Duke University
U.S. Medical Technology Market Projected to Exceed $200 Billion by 2023
10/08/2019 | PRNewswire

Cooling Nanotube Resonators With Electrons
10/08/2019 | ICFO
Multiple Technologies Converge to Boost the Wireless Infrastructure Market to $32 Billion by 2025
10/08/2019 | ABI Research
Electrode-Fitted Microscope Points to Better Designed Devices That Make Fuel From Sunlight
10/08/2019 | University of Oregon
Deploying Drones to Prepare for Climate Change
10/07/2019 | MIT
Soft Robot Programmed to Move Like an Inchworm
10/07/2019 | University of Toronto Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering
Advancing World-Class Microelectronics Technology for the Defense Community
10/07/2019 | BAE Systems
Asia Pacific Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Market to 2027
10/07/2019 | Business Wire
Global Magnetic Field Sensor Market to Top $7.5 Billion by 2026
10/07/2019 | Business Wire
OpFires Program Advances Technology for Upper Stage, Achieves Preliminary Design Review
10/07/2019 | DARPA
NASA Seeks Industry Input on Hardware Production for Lunar Spacesuit
10/07/2019 | NASA
The Fast Dance of Electron Spins
10/07/2019 | University of Vienna
The Conference Board ETI Increased in September
10/07/2019 | The Conference Board
Finding the 'Magic Angle' to Create a New Superconductor
10/07/2019 | Ohio State University
TV Panel Makers Began to Massively Reduce Capacities in September
10/07/2019 | TrendForce
Impending Deployment of 5G Boosts Demand for Data Center Testing Equipment
10/07/2019 | Frost & Sullivan
Printed Electronics Open Way for Electrified Tattoos and Personalized Biosensors
10/07/2019 | Duke University
IT Spending in the Middle East & Africa to Top $83 Billion Next Year
10/07/2019 | IDC
Scientists Observe a Single Quantum Vibration Under Ordinary Conditions
10/07/2019 | MIT
Tunable Optical Chip Paves Way for New Quantum Devices
10/07/2019 | OSA
Spying on Topology
10/04/2019 | FBH
3D Printing Technique Accelerates Nanoscale Fabrication a Thousandfold
10/04/2019 | Georgia Institute of Technology
Jobs Report: Job Market Still Strong But Gradually Losing Some Steam
10/04/2019 | PRNewswire
Bigger, Better Conductive Crystals a Boon for Electronics
10/04/2019 | Agency for Science, Technology and Research
Hybrid Breakers Could Make Direct Current Practical in High Power Applications
10/04/2019 | Georgia Tech
Researchers Synthesize 'Impossible' Superconductor
10/04/2019 | Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (National Research University)
Machine Learning Predicts Behavior of Biological Circuits
10/04/2019 | Ken Kingery, Duke University
Smartphone Typing Speeds Catching Up with Keyboards
10/04/2019 | Aalto University
Squid-Inspired Robots Might Have Environmental, Propulsion Applications
10/04/2019 |
New Chip Poised to Enable Hand-Held Microwave Imaging
10/04/2019 | The Optical Society
3D Printing Technique Accelerates Nanoscale Fabrication a Thousandfold
10/04/2019 | Georgia Tech

Produce Power Efficiently—at High Frequencies, High Voltages and with Short Switching Times
10/03/2019 | FBH
System Helps Smart Devices Find their Position
10/03/2019 | MIT
SwRI Team Designs Two-Dimensional Radar Reflector to Measure Subtle Ground Movement
10/02/2019 | SwRI
AI Technology Can Predict Heart Attacks
10/02/2019 | University of Oxford
Printed Electronics: IDTechEx Research Reviews the Defining Trends in 2019
10/02/2019 | IDTechEx
Manufacturing in the USA vs. China: AI Could Be the Tipping Point
10/02/2019 | ABI Research
Global PC Monitor Volume Declines in the Second Quarter of 2019
10/02/2019 | IDC
CEO Confidence Declined to Lowest Level in a Decade
10/02/2019 | The Conference Board
Despite a Rocky Start to 2019, EMEA Outlook for PC Gaming is Bright
10/02/2019 | IDC
Beyond GPS
10/02/2019 | MIT
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