IPC Validation Services: What to Expect at IPC APEX EXPO 2020

January 24, 2020 | Nolan Johnson, PCB007

IPC’s Randy Cherry previews what to expect from IPC APEX EXPO 2020, including a full line on display demonstrating CFX/Hermes, further development of the Validation Services program, as well as testimonials from member companies that have been participating in IPC’s new trusted supplier program to the Department of Defense (DoD).

Streamlining Inspection and Verification

January 23, 2020 | Barry Matties, I-Connect007

Barry Matties speaks with Vladi Kaplan, VP of marketing for CIMS, about the company’s newest verification station, the benefits operators will see from its colorized real-time video, and how it makes verification much faster and much more efficient for companies pushing 100% inspection.



Foundations of the Future: Get More Engaged in 2020

January 23, 2020 | IPC Education Team, IPC

Since the inception of the IPC Education Foundation in January 2019, the mission remains to create connections between electronics manufacturers and supply chain companies, academia and the emerging workforce. In this debut column,...

It’s Only Common Sense: The Paid Audition

January 20, 2020 | Dan Beaulieu, DB Management

One study stated that 48% of all customers feel that the most critical time for a company to gain their loyalty is based on the first order. Dan Beaulieu shares 12 tips to make sure you wow the customer based on your first order with...

Defense Speak Interpreted: What in the World Is MINSEC?

January 14, 2020 | Dennis Fritz, Fritz Consulting

The Defense program designated MINSEC (Microelectronics Innovation for National Security and Economic Competitiveness) is probably one that you have never heard of but will likely gather more headlines in the future. Dennis Fritz...

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