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Peters' MYC50 Selectively Coats Assembled Printed Circuit Boards

12/06/2023 | Peters
As part of the Peters Coating Innovation Forum (PCIF), Peters presented the new MYC50 coating machine in the showroom.

Happy’s Tech Talk #24: Performance and Registration—Coupons to the Rescue

12/06/2023 | Happy Holden -- Column: Happy’s Tech Talk
Registration is one of the most important features for any PCB fabricator, but the capability for multilayers is a lot of work on the fabricator’s part. CAM settings, multilayer lamination, X-ray analysis, AOI measurements, imaging capability, and drill accuracy all play an important part in this capability. Software and panel parametric coupons are important because they aid in registration performance.

American Standard Circuits to Exhibit at the 60th Annual Association of Old Crows International Symposium and Convention 2023

12/05/2023 | American Standard Circuits
West Chicago, Illinois-based PCB fabricator American Standard Circuits will be exhibiting at this year’s Annual Association of Old Crows International Symposium to be held from December 11 through the 13th in National Harbor, Maryland.

Nolan’s Notes: Set Your Sails Properly

12/05/2023 | Nolan Johnson -- Column: Nolan's Notes
In the world of sailing, we talk about headwinds—that strong wind that opposes forward motion—to gain momentum (mostly). But isn’t this counterintuitive? How can wind pushing into your sails help you move in the direction you actually want to go? Of course, it’s much more easily understood when we apply the principles of aerodynamics—which I think most of us understand—and some sailing techniques that take advantage of the headwinds. So, I wasn’t surprised when the term headwinds popped up frequently in our discussions for this issue about the current economic climate.

IBM Debuts Next-Generation Quantum Processor & IBM Quantum System Two, Extends Roadmap to Advance Era of Quantum Utility

12/04/2023 | PRNewswire
At the annual IBM Quantum Summit in New York, IBM debuted 'IBM Quantum Heron,' the first in a new series of utility-scale quantum processors with an architecture engineered over the past four years to deliver IBM's highest performance metrics and lowest error rates of any IBM Quantum processor to date.
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