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Real Time with... productronica 2023: Alltemated's Patented Adhesive Improves Solder Joint Reliability

12/06/2023 | Real Time with...productronica
Randy Temple, from Alltemated explains how his company’s Place-n-bond™ underfilm is applied at pick and place. The product is made of thermoplastic which means it is 100% reworkable.

Real Time with... productronica 2023: Automation, Digitalization, Sustainability Are Key

12/06/2023 | Real Time with...productronica
Michael Hanke shares key features of Rehm’s latest energy-efficient reflow soldering equipment. He and Pete Starkey also discuss the company’s complete line of integrated solutions.

Peters' MYC50 Selectively Coats Assembled Printed Circuit Boards

12/06/2023 | Peters
As part of the Peters Coating Innovation Forum (PCIF), Peters presented the new MYC50 coating machine in the showroom.

Real Time with... productronica 2023: Optimizing the Lamination Process Through Automation

12/06/2023 | Real Time with...productronica
Lino Souza outlines how Pluritec has automated the nine steps of lamination in a continuous Pluritec line, resulting in process times as much as 33% of traditional manual methods, all with increased accuracy and quality. Souza states that, if you do 50-75 panels a day or more, the ROI will pay for itself through saved labor alone.

Real Time with... productronica 2023: BTU's Bob Bouchard Discusses Latest Reflow Soldering Technology

12/05/2023 | Real Time with...productronica
In this interview, Pete Starkey meets with Bob Bouchard from BTU. With its ability to handle high volume, BTU's Aurora reflow soldering system helps reduce downtime, saves energy, has improved accessibility, and more.
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