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ExpressPCB Announces ExpressSCH Plus and ExpressPCB Plus Version 3.2

06/14/2023 | ExpressPCB
ExpressPCB is excited to announce the enhancement of our Schematic Link and Netlist Validation tools in ExpressPCB Plus. The latest release of our ExpressPCB Plus layout software, version 3.2.0, brings improved performance and flexibility for designers.

Rambus Driving a CXL Memory Option

06/30/2022 | Nolan Johnson, I-Connect007
In this interview with Arjun Bangre, director of product for high-speed interface IPs for PCI Express and CXL at Rambus, the discussion revolves around new developments in CXL, PCI Express, and interoperable IP solutions that Rambus has developed.

ExpressPCB Announces ExpressSCH Plus and ExpressPCB Plus Version 3.1

05/02/2022 | ExpressPCB
ExpressPCB® is excited to announce the expansion of its Schematic Link and Netlist Validation tools to fully support the use of symbols in ExpressCSH Plus®. With the release of ExpressPCB Plus® Layout Software version 3.1 they expand the designer’s ability to create complex, multipage schematics, and fully validate the PCB layout.

Yamaha Motor to Donate Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine and Its Surrounding Regions

03/17/2022 | Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.
Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. announced its decision to donate 700,000 U.S. dollars toward humanitarian aid for Ukraine and its surrounding regions.

The Art and Science of DFM

12/09/2021 | Andy Shaughnessy, Design007 Magazine
"Education is widely available in art, which implies that it is something that can be taught and learned," said Altium's Vince Mazur. "However, I believe there is a limit to what a scientifically focused person can do in art. While anything is possible, one can pursue fluency in art, but they likely would have a difficult time becoming a Picasso or a Rodin. Just as either of these artists could likely learn more about science, they likely would not become an Einstein or a Tesla. But then there are those outliers that have extreme talent in both domains, such as Galileo."
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