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MKS Instruments Set to Build a Super Center Factory in Malaysia

06/12/2024 | MKS Instruments, Inc.
MKS Instruments, Inc., a global provider of enabling technologies that transform our world, announced that it is set to build a Super Center factory in Penang, Malaysia to support wafer fabrication equipment production in the region and globally.

Quantic Electronics Expands Global Footprint with Powell Electronics Distribution Deal

06/10/2024 | Quantic Electronics
Quantic® Electronics ("Quantic"), a portfolio company of Arcline Investment Management, today announced it has entered into a global distribution agreement with Powell Electronics for its US-based capacitor businesses, including Quantic™ Evans, Quantic™ Eulex, Quantic™ Paktron, and Quantic™ UTC. These businesses develop and manufacture reliable capacitors for mission-critical defense, aerospace, space, communications, and industrial applications.

Kimball Electronics Thailand Raises Environmental Awareness through Mangrove Conservation Activity

06/07/2024 | Kimball Electronics
On June 5, World Environment Day, Kimball Electronics Thailand held a Mangrove planting event at Air and Coastal Defense Command, Sattahip District.

Taiwanese Chipmakers Expand Overseas to Capitalize on Geopolitical Shifts and De-Sinicization Benefits

06/05/2024 | TrendForce
Vanguard and NXP announced plans to jointly establish VisionPower Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (VSMC) in Singapore to build a 12-inch wafer plant.

Nolan’s Notes: The Changing EMS Landscape

06/04/2024 | Nolan Johnson -- Column: Nolan's Notes
The basis of chaos theory is a key concept known as the “butterfly effect.” It’s the idea that a small event in one place (a butterfly flapping its wings in Spain) creates a cascading set of follow-on events that just might turn into a storm across Africa that becomes a hurricane striking Florida. The connections between cause and effect are not always obvious, but nevertheless are there—if you look for them. Again, choosing to look outward rather than inward. We’ve felt the butterfly effect, especially in recent years. Just one little change can turn into ever larger and cascading repercussions. What are some of those small changes that are bringing about big results? In this issue of SMT007 Magazine, we talk about supply chain issues, workforce shortages, post-tariff and geopolitical shifts, and new opportunities in other countries.
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