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INSPECTIS Offers Slider Plate Stand for Optical Inspection

04/01/2024 | INSPECTIS
INSPECTIS introduces a new specialized slider stand capability for repetitive optical inspection tasks, for example, for the production of special devices such as stents.

Ventec Giga Solutions Announces Exclusive Refurbishment Service for PCB Lamination Plates

02/22/2024 | Ventec International Group
Ventec Giga Solutions, the equipment division of Ventec International Group, has started offering a refurbishment service for separator plates used in PCB lamination processes.

Trouble in Your Tank: Electrodeposition of Copper, Part 6

02/08/2024 | Michael Carano -- Column: Trouble in Your Tank
Electrodeposition comes down to fundamentals. In the early days of plating, many users considered the nuances of metallization as black magic. Those days are long gone. Having a thorough understanding of the critical parameters that influence electrodeposition will determine success.

Save Your Design by Understanding Fab Processes

01/16/2024 | Andy Shaughnessy, I-Connect007
At PCB Carolina, I met with Laura Martin, director of applications engineering for Summit Interconnect. Laura has been at Summit for about a year, moving into the role from a similar position at Insulectro. She has now become Summit’s go-to design for manufacturing (DFM) expert, and she’s working to move DFM further up in the design cycle, eliminating unpleasant surprises at CAM.

Trouble in Your Tank: Electrolytic Copper Plating, Part 5

01/10/2024 | Michael Carano -- Column: Trouble in Your Tank
In a previous column on the fundamentals of electrolytic copper plating of printed circuit boards, the subject matter covered the general function of organic addition agents and the role of these additives on the grain structure, plating uniformity, and physical properties of the subsequent copper deposit. Here, I will explore the many other critical plating parameters that influence throwing power, copper deposit thickness, and metallurgical properties. In a future column, I will explore the additives and their functionality in more detail.
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