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Standard of Excellence: It Starts With Company Culture

07/15/2024 | Anaya Vardya -- Column: Standard of Excellence
We spend a great deal of time on our equipment, processes, qualifications, and specifications, and we do a pretty good job at what we do. But we often miss the boat when talking about company culture—what could be the most important aspect of a great company. With the right company culture, we can accomplish anything. In fact, the level at which we run our equipment, processes, and so forth rests significantly on our company culture.

Elementary, Mr. Watson: Cultivating a Culture of Collaboration

06/20/2024 | John Watson -- Column: Elementary, Mr. Watson
About three years ago, I wrote a column, “PCB Design—It's a Team Sport,” which discussed the importance of collaboration and working as a team. At that time, we were under restrictions due to the COVID pandemic and were coming to grips with our new roles and struggles as PCB designers. I opened my column by stating, "Our entire industry had to reinvent how we did things. It's during the difficult times the most valuable lessons are learned." While 2021 seems like another lifetime ago, those lessons still linger.

The Collaboration Culture

06/19/2024 | I-Connect007 Editorial Team
As the founder of Trilogy Circuits, the provider of design and assembly services acquired by Zentech, Charlie Capers understands the value of collaboration. We spoke with Charlie about the need for designers to collaborate with all the downstream stakeholders, the hurdles to solid communication, and why real collaboration (or lack of it) can make or break your deadline.

Gartner Says Harnessing Sales Culture Can Drive Sales Performance

05/27/2024 | Gartner, Inc.
Harnessing an organization’s sales culture can lead to improved sales performance, according to Gartner, Inc. Experts presented their findings during the Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference, which took place here this week.

Kimball Electronics Tampa Celebrated the Diversity of their Workforce with a Diversifest Taste of Cultures Event

05/21/2024 | Kimball Electronics
Kimball Electronics Tampa employees representing over 15 countries set up booths that demonstrated their culture and customs, including clothing, food, music and general facts.
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