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Column from: Kim O'Neil

Kim O'Neil is a veteran in the PCB industry. He's currently general manager of Prototron Circuits, a small, domestic PCB shop in Tucson, Arizona. He is managing everything at the facility, including cash flow, material shortages, and issues that arise on a daily basis. Originally from Muskego, Wisconsin, Kim served on two cruises in Vietnam, and relocated to Arizona after being discharged from the Navy. He started in the industry at Sperry Flight Systems, worked for 12 years at Continental Circuits Corp., before moving to Teledyne in California. He has been at Prototron Circuits since 2003.

November 09, 2021

Circuit Chronicles: It’s All About the Team

Do you have an established criteria of what your team should be? How about your president/owner? What ideas does he or she have to offer about the make-up of your team? What role should you play within the team? What kind of manager are you? Do you find yourself as a participative manager? How about, “I’ll take control role and do it myself,” or “I’ll delegate it,” or “I need more facts and data before I can decide?”
October 05, 2021

Circuit Chronicles: Effective Spokes in the Wheel of QMS

What is a quality management system (QMS)? Over the years I’ve had it explained to me and exposed to many different definitions and forms of what a QMS is. By the way it wasn’t always called a quality management system, and not many of those seemed to stick.
September 17, 2021

Circuit Chronicles: What Is a General Manager?

There are seven basic subjects that I’ll address in this column. Most are obvious at their face, but looking closely, you may find the details can be a make it or break it point. Becoming a GM is something like, “The best things in life can happen when you’re not even looking for them.”
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