Shinry Automates EV Application with Universal's Uflex

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Shinry Technologies is a global tier 1 supplier of high-voltage charging and power distribution solutions for the electric vehicle industry. The company has purchased an assembly line comprised of three Universal Instruments Uflex automation platforms.

The new line will enable Shinry to transition from manual to automated assembly for complex processes required to build the company’s new energy vehicle products.

With 13 years dedicated to providing on-board power supply solutions, Shinry is committed to driving the innovation of charging and distribution technologies to facilitate the vigorous development of new energy vehicles industry. The company is continuously investing in both technology innovation and industrialization capabilities, including lean and smart manufacturing, process quality control, and digitalized enterprise architecture to support both high-volume and high-mix, small batch manufacturing.

Uflex is the ultimate flexible automation platform for all forms of odd-form insertion and mechanical assembly operations. It features a small footprint and is easily reconfigured for a wide range of applications. Uflex accommodates large substrates up to 630mm x 500mm while inserting radial and axial components up to 60mm tall, 50mm in diameter and .45kg in weight. It also leverages a portfolio of odd-form tooling and supports up to four high-speed vacuum spindles or three high-speed pneumatic grippers.

Shinry Engineering Director Jiahua Jiang called the new line “a major advancement for the company’s production model.” Jiang noted, “By automating these processes, we’ll maximize our efficiency, productivity, yield and quality—all of which will directly benefit our customers.”

“Uflex is an excellent fit for the products we’re building now and has the flexibility to address future challenges. This was an important differentiator as we considered our options,” said Jiang. “One of our current applications demands radial, multi-tube, tray, axial, and bowl feeders to support the component mix. It also requires the insertion of parts in high-density areas where preceding parts are leaning over the holes. Universal overcame this by programming a ‘side-step’ move to stand up existing components before insertion of adjacent components. We couldn’t be happier with the solution and the efforts of the Universal team.”

Universal Instruments Vice President of Customer Operations Brad Bennett added, “This win is a great example of an automation solution that is truly comprehensive—something we’re able to provide that sets us apart from others in our industry. From nozzles and grippers to specialized tooling and multiple feeder types, this is what’s required to deliver a truly turnkey solution.”

Bennett continued, “Early indications are that the Uflex line solution will perform up to 20% better than Shinry’s cycle time requirements, while giving them the ability to transition to their next product seamlessly. That’s the value of flexible automation on a standard platform.”

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