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DARPA Awards Phase Four $14.9M Contract to Develop Air Breathing Electric Propulsion for Very Low Earth Orbit Operations

04/05/2024 | PRNewswire
Phase Four, a leading provider of next generation electric propulsion (EP) solutions for satellites, was awarded a $14.9M contract by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to deliver an "air-breathing" EP system to enable extended satellite operations in Very Low Earth Orbit (VLEO), at altitudes as low as 90-450km.

DARPA Reboots AI Tools for Adult Learning Competition

01/23/2024 | DARPA
Technological advances and changes in economic conditions are shifting the skills needed to build an adaptive and successful workforce. As underscored in the 2023 National Defense Science & Technology Strategy, the United States cannot create 21st-century capabilities using 20th-century education practices.

DARPA Moves Forward on X-65 Technology Demonstrator

01/04/2024 | DARPA
DARPA has selected Aurora Flight Sciences to build a full-scale X-plane to demonstrate the viability of using active flow control (AFC) actuators for primary flight control. The X-65 breaks this century-old design paradigm for flight control by using jets of air from a pressurized source to shape the flow of air over the aircraft surface, with AFC effectors on several surfaces to control the plane’s roll, pitch, and yaw. Eliminating external moving parts is expected to reduce weight and complexity and to improve performance.

Utility-Scale Quantum Program Advances Toward Prototyping

12/29/2023 | DARPA
DARPA’s Underexplored Systems for Utility-Scale Quantum Computing (US2QC) program seeks to determine whether an underexplored approach to quantum computing can achieve utility-scale operation – meaning its computational value exceeds its cost – faster than conventional predictions.

DARPA-Funded Research Leads to Quantum Computing Breakthrough

12/08/2023 | DARPA
A team of researchers working on DARPA’s Optimization with Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum devices (ONISQ) program has created the first-ever quantum circuit with logical quantum bits (qubits), a key discovery that could accelerate fault-tolerant quantum computing and revolutionize concepts for designing quantum computer processors.
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