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OSIRIS-REx Sample Capsule Safely Touches Down With NASA's First-Ever Asteroid Sample

09/25/2023 | Lockheed Martin
Following a rapid and red-hot descent through Earth's atmosphere, NASA's OSIRIS-REx sample return capsule touched down in the desert at 8:52 a.m. MT, returning NASA's first-ever asteroid sample.

It’s Only Common Sense: Doing Business the Elon Musk Way

09/25/2023 | Dan Beaulieu -- Column: It's Only Common Sense
I’m reading Walter Isaacson’s biography of Elon Musk and it’s great because you get an in-depth description of what the richest man in the world is really like. It’s worth the time, and I strongly recommend it. Believe me, I’ll be doing a book review once I’m finished. In almost every meeting, especially when Musk feels that his workers are getting off track, he will recite what he calls “The Algorithm.” Most of his workers know it so well they sometimes mouth the words along with him. Here’s how it goes.

Saab Receives Order for Additional Functionality for Gripen E

09/13/2023 | Saab
Saab and the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) have entered into an agreement regarding new functionality and adjusted delivery schedules for Gripen E and Gripen C/D.

CalcuQuote, Arrow Electronics Collaborate on New Webinar

09/07/2023 | CalcuQuote
CalcuQuote is excited to announce an upcoming webinar in collaboration with Arrow Electronics, a global technology solutions and services provider.

Punching Out: The Power of Projections

09/07/2023 | Tom Kastner -- Column: Punching Out!
We are headed toward that time of year many of us dread—budgeting for the next year. This budgeting process becomes a huge tug-of-war because there is a lot at stake in terms of resources, bonuses, and pride. Unfortunately, many companies either give it little effort or they forgo the process entirely. However, budgets and projections are very important, especially in the world of M&A. When selling a business, projections are important for several reasons.
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