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Strip Etch Strip: Episode 9 of On the Line With: Designing for Reality Podcast Now Available

07/25/2024 | I-Connect007
Don't miss the latest episode of "On the Line With: Designing for Reality," where we walk through the PCB manufacturing process. At this stage, we have a panel made up of all the internal layers laminated together, through-holes drilled, and the outer layer copper features covered with a protective layer of tin.

Dymax Expands Core Market Focus to Include the Energy Sector

07/24/2024 | Dymax
Dymax, a leading manufacturer of rapid curing materials and equipment, announces a curated lineup of light-curable adhesives and coatings designed to meet the complex assembly needs of stationary energy storage systems such as industrial gas turbines (IGTs) and various types of fuel cells and electrolyzers including Solid Oxide (SOFC) and Proton Exchange Membrane (PEMFC).

IFTEC: Taking Training to New Heights in France

07/24/2024 | Michelle Te, IPC Community
Like many nations, France has suffered from a global marketing misnomer: Electronics manufacturing can be done cheaper and better in Asia; therefore, education, financial resources, legislation, and business ventures should be shifted to other important industries. Yet electronics are so ubiquitous that they have become like "salt in the sea," says Pierre-Jean Albrieux, president of IFTEC, a French company and resources and training center specializing in the manufacturing processes of electronics (PCBA, PCB, and design). “It is present everywhere, so we end up not seeing it anymore.”

DIS: Thriving With New Processes and Technologies

07/23/2024 | Barry Matties, I-Connect007
What does it take to really thrive in today’s business environment? Will it require big changes, or can you make small, incremental improvements? Jesse Ziomek, global sales director and product manager at DIS, Inc., a company that designs and manufactures automation equipment, focuses on strategies for thriving in the PCB industry by emphasizing cost reduction through smart robotic solutions and addressing bottlenecks to optimize yields.

LG Accelerates Smart Factory Solutions Business Integrating AI with 66-year Manufacturing Expertise

07/23/2024 | LG
LG Electronics is advancing its smart factory solutions business by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and digital transformation (DX) with its extensive 66-year history of manufacturing and production expertise.
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