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New Features Boost Speed, Accuracy, Ease of Use for YAMAHA AOI System

03/18/2024 | Yamaha Robotics SMT Section
Yamaha Robotics has announced Performance-boosting upgrades for the YAMAHA YRi-V 3D AOI system. These upgrades include faster board handling, multi-component alignment checking, and enhanced LED coplanarity measurement, among others.

Yamaha Robotics Releases 3D Hybrid AOI System - YRi-V TypeHS

02/06/2024 | Yamaha Robotics
Yamaha Robotics announced that on March 1st, 2024, the Company will add the high-end specification YRi-V TypeHS to the YRi-V 3D hybrid automated optical inspection (AOI) system, which achieves both high speed and high precision in operation, for electronic component mounting factories.

Techcon Launches New Extra-Large Syringe Barrel, TS60C-LL-N

12/12/2023 | Techcon
Techcon, part of OK International and Dover, and a leader in precision fluid dispensing technologies, announced the launch of their new extra-large (177 cc/6 oz) syringe barrel, TS60C-LL-N, one of the largest syringe barrels on the fluid dispensing market.

Aalyria to Study Ultra-High-Speed Earth-Aircraft Optical Communication

10/31/2023 | BUSINESS WIRE
Aalyria announces it will study the feasibility of ultra-high speed optical networks that connect aircraft and spacecraft with existing terrestrial fiber networks.

ICAPE GROUP Announces the Strengthening of Its Governance

06/20/2023 | Business Wire
In agreement with the Board of Directors, Cyril Calvignac, ICAPE Group’s Chief Executive Officer, today submitted his resignation from his position as Chief Executive Officer and Board member.
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