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Happy’s Tech Talk #10: Optical Alignment/Coupon Welding for Stackups

08/02/2022 | Happy Holden -- Column: Happy’s Tech Talk
In this month’s column, I will discuss optical alignment for pinless lamination stackup, a topic that complements the induction lamination in my November 2021 column. Pin tooling plates have been used for lamination since it first started sometime in the 1960s. I first encountered multilayer stackup when I was assigned to increase capacity for our multilayer output in 1972. This was to accommodate the growth of our computer business. Unfortunately, the explosive growth of our calculator orders in 1973 required that we look for numerous vendors to produce the six-layer logic board in the HP-35 calculator.

Mentor Webinar: PADS Designer Tips and Tricks

06/27/2019 | Mentor, a Siemens business
Register now for this free webinar, scheduled for July 11. In this webinar, attendees will go through the steps involved in setting up PADS Designer for either the netlist flow or integrated flow, and some tips and tricks for existing users.

Flexible Bipolar Plates Made of Polymers Make It Possible to Build Compact Batteries

01/25/2019 | Fraunhofer IISB
Whether used for power supply or in electric cars, current battery systems are based on a series of interconnected individual cells, which has certain disadvantages in terms of efficiency and manufacturing. Bipolar battery setups, in contrast, comprise compact stacks of individual cells.

An Insect-Inspired Drone Deforms Upon Impact

07/26/2018 | EPFL
An origami-like drone developed at EPFL is flexible enough to absorb shocks without breaking before returning to its initial shape. This new type of drone, which was inspired by insect wings, draws on the advantages of both stiff and flexible structures.

A Paperlike LCD -- Thin, Flexible, Tough and Cheap

03/29/2018 |
Optoelectronic engineers in China and Hong Kong have manufactured a special type of liquid crystal display (LCD) that is paper-thin, flexible, light and tough.
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